February 1, 2014

Photo a Day // January // Week Five

{One} The first frosty snowflakes on our deck.
{Two} Cuppa tea.
{Three} The Open Arms Real Choices Clinic
{Four} Mitts ventures out into the cold.
{Five} Which isn't here...I took some experimental night shots of the stars last night.  A few turned out really well, but when I upload it to blogger, it just looks all black.  So, I won't be sharing those. *frown*

This week has been a full one and a very, very good one, too!  Wednesday night Bible study started back up.  I'm super excited about that!  We're continuing through the book of Acts, and it's proving to be a very interesting and fruitful study.  And the fellowship is the very best. *smile*

And now I must be off.  I have some cleaning to do, and then some friends and I are going bowling this afternoon!  Eeep!!  I haven't been for about 10 years, and I'm so excited!!! *grin*

What are some of the things that you and your friends do to beat cabin fever during the winter?
I want to know!  


  1. Too bad the stars didn't turn out... I love the picture of the snowflake--that was a very unique photo!! :) It reminded me of a trail of burnt gunpowder with snowflakes on it. ;P

    Unfortunately, I don't have time to be beat by cabin fever...nannying, colds, snow, goats, errands, church slideshows, company... ;) Hehe...but probably, I'd go snow mobiling...or maybe bowling.. ;)

  2. That first photo is especially awesome! Snowflakes are so gorgeous up close. :)

  3. Wow! Your last photo, thats a lot of snow! I found your blog through your pinterest, I enjoy looking at all your pins and now I've enjoyed looking around your blog!


  4. I love the picture of the kitty in the snow. Is that Mitts or Muffin? Your new header pic is excellent. You, like your bro, are a very talented photographer.


  5. Sarah - Now that you mention it, that picture reminds me of a trail of gunpowder, too!
    YES, you need to come bowling with us next time!!

    Sereina - Coming from you, that is a compliment, indeed! Thanks:)

    Kristin - I will never tire of looking at snowflakes close up. God is amazing.

    Morgan - Welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by!! :D
    We have even more snow now. Lots and lots of snow.

    Will - It's Mitts:) Muffin tends to stay in the garage more during the winter...although sometimes, all three of my kitties follow me to the barn while I'm doing chores.


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