February 26, 2014

Delicious Towels and Slow Pillars // Game Night

Daniel, our current judge, got tired of waiting for everyone (there were 17 of us playing) to turn in their cards, so he took a nap. *grin*

What?  A card that makes sense? We can't have that.

Convenient card storage.

Decisions, decisions...

Why do cards like "beards" and "beans" win so often in Apple to Apples?  Why are they so funny?

Besides Apples to Apples, we also played Pictionary and Mafia.   Seems like we play the same games every time, but I guess they are our favorites.

Someday, I'm going to take our Bible version of Apples to Apples and combine it with the original version. It will be the most epic version ever!!  I'll let you know how that goes. *smile*

Do you ever have game nights with your friends or family?
What are some of your favorite group games to play?
I want to know!

We all missed you and your coconut popcorn so much, Laura!


  1. coconut popcorn, glow sticks, fire and friends.. Its the best thing in the world. Miss you like crazy!

  2. Why do I happen to have a ridiculous facial expression in every picture? Sigh, oh well. Game nights are epic.

  3. I love how Bonnie is" thinking" about the cards too!! She is pretty much sure that she is a person!

    Coconut popcorn? I have never heard of it but it sounds delicious! I love coconut anything.

  4. lol! Michelle, you are not alone. Almost every graduation picture I look at, I wonder if I had a brain that day. You look pretty, by the way :)

    How fun! I'm hoping to see everyone again...Nertz is a fun card game. The more people, the crazier it is. Quick thinking game ;)

  5. A few weeks ago when we had snow and my dad stayed home from work, we played Yahtzee. It's a fun game but long when you have as many people as we do in our family!

    Also, just wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog, Natasha :)


  6. Wow, 17 friends! We never get so many people; except at New Year's Eve at my sister's. :-) It's a bit difficult to organise it so that everyone meets, so it usually turns out to be just one friend visiting... We're still hoping to manage more, but we haven't yet.
    Plus there are not so many games that can accommodate so many people!
    I think I'm not familiar with either of the games you wrote about. What is Apples to Apples about? Does it involve fours of the same kind that you have to unite? Because in that case it would be similar or identical to "kvarteta"... which is a card game I have not played in ages...

    Our absolute favourite at home, at the moment for about three years now :D, is Ticket to Ride. We have the Europe version and bend the rules a teeny bit to have more fun playing... At my sister's, the absolute favourite - mine at least - is Dixit, which I'm told is originally a French game: there are many cards with very imaginative pictures and the game consists of imaginative descriptions. More or less; it would sound convoluted if I tried to explain it, but it's fantastic to play.

  7. Yep, that was a good game night, alright. We missed you so, Laura!
    I'm feeling all nostalgic and missing the old days when we were little enough to play sardines and rubber band fight - but there are compensations, right? :D


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