October 28, 2011


It's pouring rain outside right now.  
I was just out there feeding the animals and spent a considerable amount of time stumbling around the upper pasture trying to locate our three llamas and my pet sheep Calvin.
In the dark. 
Stumbling because of course I didn't have a flashlight.  Why would I need a flashlight when it's dark?  
I mean, really?  
Ok, so I'm not very bright...no pun intended;)  
I also didn't utualize the hood so conveniently attached to my jacket so I am rather wet, to put it mildly.
And I gave up on trying to find the llamas and Calvin.  If they want to stay out in the pasture when it's raining, they can.  A bit of dampness won't hurt them and there are trees for shelter.

The rest of my flock of sheep are at a friend's house visiting his ram for a month.  Sometime around April we'll have a new crop of lambs bouncing about.  I can't wait:)

Alex and I had a lovely evening at a friend's Inspirational Harvest Party this evening.  Taco salad (oh, yum), good fellowship, wonderful singing, and a short "sermon" by one of the dads.   At least, I assume it was short - we had to leave early cause my dad wanted us home by 9:00.  Bummer.

But, I had the opportunity to wear my new coat for the first time...
My mom bought me this vintage trench coat on Etsy.  It's purple-ish/pink-ish.  I LOVE it =D
The wonderful Christian lady who owns the shop sent such a lovely note along with it.
She lifted me up and encouraged me.  
Isn't it wonderful how we're connected to other believers through Christ, even if we've never met them?  
It's awesome.

I just watched "Secretariat" again.  Absolutely beautiful movie.

This is seriously cracking me up...

There's nothing more appropriate on a chilly autumn day than a hot bowl of soup.  I've been going crazy making soup lately - potato, rice & mushroom, onion, and I'm going to try beet soup tomorrow night.  With sour cream.  It doesn't get any better than that.

Have a lovely Friday evening everyone!
Watch a fun classic film for me, ok?;)

October 26, 2011

A Night to Remember

I first heard about "A Night to Remember" when I was leafing through the new Vision Forum catalog.  A classic film about the sinking of the Titanic?!  That sounded like a movie I just had to see...

A few clicks later and I had requested it from the library and last night I watched it.

And it surpassed all of my expectations.

Based on the book of the same name by Walter Lord, "A Night to Remember" is the true story of the Titanic.  The acting was wonderful, the sets and costumes were superb.  I cried.  Oh, how I cried.  I don't normally actually cry while watching a movie, but I cried.  I was inspired by the courage and selflessness of the men and women on board.  Men helping the women and children enter the lifeboats, and then stepping back and waiting. Wives who refused to board the lifeboats and be parted from their husbands.  Mothers who bravely boarded the lifeboats with their children, waving good-bye to the men they would never see again in this world.  The band playing "Nearer, My God, to Thee" as the ship was swallowed up by the icy water.  
It was a beautiful movie.  

What more can I say?  I highly recommend this film!  You will not be sorry you watched it.

October 25, 2011

New in the shop...

For the last few days and nights - I'm a night owl and stay up indecently late - I've been busily working on new items for the shop...and watching the appropriate amount of movies.  

Crocheting and movies - it's how I roll.

 Though these are not colors I would usually work with, I love the way the gray, mustard yellow and powder blue look together!

Mixing and matching colors is one of my greatest delights.

Here's the custom sleeve I was working on.  I think it turned out really well.

Purple and Pink - my favorite colors:)

As I was packaging up the custom sleeve today, I had an idea.
Custom stickers.
It would be awesome to have my very own Wool & What-not stickers!

I've been looking around for an Etsy shop that sells custom stickers and found several that look good.
Anyone bought custom stickers from Etsy before?  Any shops that you recommend?

Well, I'm off to the post office and the library...

Have a lovely afternoon and evening!


October 24, 2011

Hello, Blogger!

Wow, I'm typing my first official post on my new blog!

Well, first off, welcome to my blog, Day by Day!

My name is Natasha Marie, and I am a 22-year-old, formerly homeschooled, older daughter living at home with my wonderful family in beautiful North Idaho. 

For the past few years I've been blogging at PlexPedia.com. 
I loved blogging at PlexPedia.  It's easy to use and fun.  But it just doesn't get the same amount of traffic as Blogger.  My old blog was mainly just about me and my life.  {You can read most of my old posts which I have relocated to this blog.}  While I will still blog about those things, I want to give more attention to promoting my Etsy shop, Wool & What-not.  Which is why I decided to move to Blogger.

I take pleasure in many things, but at the top of the list are studying God's Word and His amazing creation, riding my horse Bob, hiking with my dog Bonnie, raising sheep, reading, history (especially Scottish history), sewing, crocheting, playing the piano and mandolin, singing, babies, laughing, wearing skirts, long hair, watching classic films, dancing, historical costumes, homemaking, home education, vintage clothing, millinery, messing around in my garden, cleaning, photography, spending time with my family & friends, and web & graphic design.

It is my earnest desire to serve the Lord in all that I do and say, do His will, and by His grace be a godly woman.

I want this blog to be a light in the darkness for God's glory and I pray that you will be blessed in some small way by your visit here.
Many blessings,

October 1, 2011

Meet Emma

Yesterday I brought home the newest addition to my flock of sheep.
May I present, Emma...
Emma is a beautiful 3-year-old Targhee/Suffolk/Columbia cross ewe.  
And she's an absolute darling:)
I think we're going to be good friends.