February 15, 2014

Photo a Day // February // Week Two

o n e | Breakfast.

t w o | It was snowing so heavily, I could hardly see the trees!

t h r e e | My awesome friend Laura made this for me.  Psych fans, be jealous! ;)

f o u r | My little brother turned 22 this week!  There aren't 22 candles on the cake 'cause I ran out. ;)

f i v e | The theme at this year's Valentines Banquet at our church was Cowboy.  My bro and I set up the photo-booth area with props like boots, hats, scarves, and some really neat guns.

s i x | Hank, Chris, and Matthew (with Bridger supervising) cutting up ice cream for the Valentines Banquet.

: :

And that was pretty much my week.  It snowed a lot at the beginning, and then it went above freezing so everything started to melt during the day and freeze at night so there's ice everywhere.  The roads are good, but the path down to the sheep pen is something else!

The single young men and women in the church decorated, cooked, and served the married and engaged couples at our church's Valentines Banquet.  I helped the decorating crew, and then helped with the serving.  I had so much fun waiting on tables, filling water glasses, talking with everyone.  And I just realized that I since I got there at 11:00 am to help decorate and left a little before 11:00 pm after helping to clean up, that I was there for almost 12 hours.  No wonder I felt like a zombie!  And the girls who did the cooking were there much earlier than I was...I hope they slept in this morning. *smile*

What have you been doing this week? I want to know!


  1. You were an awesome waitress Tasha, You seemed so relaxed. Your decorations were so great!! The only thing is we have to get rid of that red background they do every year on the photos. Just not good LOL!

  2. Thanks, Dinah Raye! I enjoyed having you and Roger at my table so much! Audrey was the main decorator person, and I love how she took the cowboy theme and made it romantic with the lace table clothes.
    I'm inclined to agree with you on the red background. :)


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