February 20, 2014


Just a quiet, snowy afternoon playing Scrabble with my mom and Glenda.  I usually hate this game, probably because they won't me use my own made-up words.  "Penkle" is totally a word!  It's that prickling feeling you get when you know they're not going to let you use it as a word.  But I enjoyed it this time.  I actually won!  Which was weird.  Glenda's dog, Greta, absolutely adores my mom!  It's so cute, watching her.  I love quiet, snowy afternoons spent with excellent company.  *smile*

What's one game that you absolutely hate playing?
How do you spend a quiet afternoon at home?
I want to know!


  1. I love playing Pick Two with Scrabble pieces (basically Scrabble without the board and you can rearrange your words around)! Playing with my immediate family is more about the quality of words opposed to quantity. "Detoxification" was my crowing glory. :) I don't know if I'll be able to beat that one!

  2. Least favorite game? Hmm....probably Risk (when it takes 6 hrs...or longer which is the norm at my house. ;P)

    Francine, I love Take Two!!! My sister and I played that for hours growing up...with 2 sets no less....we'd have over 500 points each...huge memories!

    Tasha, so glad your mom is up and playing Scrabble! That's a nice change..and that Glenda was able to come over...
    A restful day at home?? Hmm...reading, playing the piano, blogging, and scrapbooking/handwork/sewing?? ;P

  3. I can't stand Scrabble! I'm pretty sure that my dislike comes entirely from my mom – she's LOVES the game and is just way too good. :D There's no possibility of beating her, and that takes all the fun out of it. I'm glad that you had a good time playing though! ;)

    Hmmm. A quiet afternoon, you say? I'd probably fill it with tea and a book (which, at the moment, is Bleak House), or a couple episodes of my latest TV obsession while sewing for my Etsy shop. My sibs and I do like board games... but that would quickly banish the quiet factor. :D

  4. I stand with Tayler because I am terrible at Scrabble! It frustrates me to always get beaten too.

    A quiet afternoon? I can entertain myself with most any sort of handwork like sewing, knitting, drawing or reading a good book. I especially love to plan projects, complete with deadlines, and then start to make them happen. For me, there is a great joy in making something pretty and then giving it away. A quiet afternoon just allows me to delve deep into the ideas and enjoy the process of production. We introverts love us a good stretch of quiet time to do what we like, don't you agree?

  5. Oh what fun! I love scrabble but can never seem to win either. You and I should play sometime, since neither of us can usually win.:)

    A quiet afternoon at home, is best spent reading, sewing, knitting while watching a movie, talking to my mom, baking, or planning things and making lists.:)

  6. The games I hate playing are those I don't play, and therefore I don't remember them. I don't very much like games that are too competitive (and this depends more on the people than the game itself), and hate the sort of (not board) games that purposefully put the players into awkward situations.
    Scrabble - or, rather, the Czech knock-off we have - is all right.
    I think penkle is a flower. Like periwinkle.


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