September 28, 2012


I'm enjoying wonderful weather here - it's cool in the mornings and evenings but pleasantly warm and sunny during the day.  Love this early fall weather so much...except for the days getting shorter.  I'm going to miss our badminton evenings at Farragut very much.

Yesterday, I got to go canoeing on the lake with friends.

More pictures coming later. :)

After I washed my hair this morning, I stepped out in the sun on the front porch to speed up the drying process.  I'd not been there a minute when I heard stones rattling on the hill across from our driveway to my left, and looked up to see a huge bull moose with an impressive rack coming down the hill.  Um, wow!  I hopped inside quickly, partially because I didn't want to be outside with a bull moose (they can be quite dangerous) and partially to tell everyone there was a moose outside.  That sort of made my day. :)
Sorry, but I didn't get any pictures - he walked down the driveway and back into the bushes before I could get the camera.

I finally had the opportunity to watch The Hunger Games last week.  Wow!  That was a seriously awesome movie.  It totally did justice to the book, in my opinion.  Great casting and acting.

We had a totally awesome movie night on Wednesday watching The Avengers.  Now there's a totally awesome movie, one which I would watch over and over and over again.  I love watching movies with good friends, especially when it's one you've all seen before.  Then you can talk and laugh and make up alternate story lines for the characters without disturbing anyone.  So much fun! :D

And, as if I haven't had enough epic-ness in my life, I got Series 6 of Doctor Who from the library today!  I'm not saying how many episodes I've watched already, but more than three. *grin*

My lambs will be heading off to the butcher's on October 11th.  I've been focusing on getting them fattened up and ready for that - I cannot wait to have our freezer full of meat!  And after that, the ewes will be heading out for their month long holiday, visiting Earl the ram.   Life on the farm goes on.

Happy Trails, y'all!  

September 26, 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday | Judy Garland

As requested by Hanne-col months and months and months ago, Judy Garland!

{click on photo for full size image - also available on the For You page...or it will be after I sort out some technical difficulties.}

A few of my favorite films starring Judy are...
The Wizard of Oz
The Harvey Girls
Easter Parade
Meet Me in St. Louis
In the Good Old Summertime
The Pirate
The Clock

I've yet to see any of her films with Mickey Rooney, to my sorrow.  Someday soon, I hope.  I know I'm going to love them together. :)

Have a lovely day y'all!

The Avengers was officially released on DVD yesterday!  We're getting together with some friends to watch it tonight.  Cannot WAIT to see it again!! :D

September 25, 2012

Doctor Who {Series 5} | Review


I love my library, but the painful truth is that it takes FOREVER for requests to come in.  Particularly when you request Doctor Who.  There must be more Whovians around than you'd think, because there are always several holds in ahead of mine.  


And's there.  The next series.  At the library, waiting for me to pick it up, bring it home, and watch it...I've usually finished it within two days.   But that means I get to watch it over again before I have to bring it back.  *sheepish grin*  That's the sad, painful truth right there, folks.

I FINALLY got Series 5.  This was a big moment.  My FIRST introduction to the Doctor's 11th regeneration.   I'll admit that I was extremely hesitant to move on to series 5.  Just couldn't imagine anyone coming after Ten, flying through time and space in the TARDIS.  Also I'm completely, hopelessly in love with  David Tennant, for obvious reasons...

I mean, hello people, this guy is adorable...not to mention gorgeous.  And if anyone was born to play the Doctor, it's David.

Ahem, moving on...
So I held off for a while, but curiosity finally won out.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

And...I saw him.

Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor
And I thought, "This guy is absolutely insane!"  That's when I knew that he was the Doctor.  Maybe not my Doctor, but he is absolutely the Doctor.   Absolutely a mad man with a box.  And still absolutely wonderful.
All things considered, I thought Matt Smith did a splendid job as the Doctor.  The main thing I missed (well, aside from DT;), was depth.  Matt's Doctor definitely doesn't have as much depth to his character as either Eccleston's or Tennant's performances.  However, he does have some pretty good dialog and fantastic moments, so I can forgive that.  Besides, not everyone can be David Tennant;)


Karen Gillan as Amy Pond
Amy Pond - the girl who waited.
I'm still deciding how I feel about Amy.  I envy her hair - always did wish I was ginger - and I love how spunky she is, but...she doesn't seem to appreciate Rory like she should.  I'm not saying she doesn't love him, I'm just saying she doesn't fully realize how amazing he is.  Besides, all is forgiven when you hear Amy's Scottish accent!  I'm lovin' it!!!

Karen is absolutely adorable here with her Amy Pond action figure! :)

Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams
Because Rory...well, I'm in love with Rory Williams.  He totally did not impress me in the first episode, but any guy who duels a vampire using a broomstick is awesome in my book.  And he protected Amy for 2,000 years, dressed as a centurion, no less!!   *melt*  He will forever love Amy.  It's beautiful.
And I will forever love Rory.

Amy and Rory

Alex Kingston as River Song
And now we're starting to find out more about the mysterious River Song, who made her first appearance in Silence in the Library-Forest of the Dead with the 10th Doctor.  His first meeting and her last - time travel is such fun;)  Of course, I already know where her story is heading.  It's impossible to be on Pinterest and not see spoilers. ;)

We've got the usual reoccurring monsters/aliens/enemies - the Daleks (will they never be completely destroyed??), Cybermen, Weeping Angels (thank you Moffat for freaking me out every time I even see a picture of an angel now!  I wasn't paranoid enough - I needed that.), and in the series finale the gangs all there with the Sontarans and every other enemy of the Doctor you can think of.

In this series, we've been handed over to Steven Moffat, the evil genius who now produces and writes  Doctor Who.  He certainly enjoys tormenting us poor Whovians...and Sherlockians too, for that matter.  But he's brilliant.  Love his complex plots.  Instead of turning into vegetables watching TV, you're forced to think.  Love it!!  However, it does seem as if there is more what I would consider to be adult themes in this series.  Nothing absolutely inappropriate, but a few things that I wouldn't be comfortable having young kids watch...but then, I don't think I'd be comfortable having young kids watch any of the new Doctor Who, no matter which series.  

The Ninth, Eleventh and Tenth regenerations of the Doctor.
On the whole, I enjoyed Series 5 very, very much.  Aside from feeling slightly disoriented with the new face of the Doctor, his new sonic screwdriver, and the new interior for the TARDIS, it was very good.  Well written, good characters and good plots.  I'm definitely looking forward to watching Series 6!

Happy Trails, y'all!

September 19, 2012

It's awesome.

It's awesome, when you've been putting off cleaning the refrigerator, and then your dad and brother clean it for you.

It's awesome, when you get your carpets cleaned and the carpet cleaner guys name is Thor.  No, he didn't look like Chris Hemsworth...what a pity.

It's awesome, when you're making dinner and listening to your brother's Bluegrass band practicing.

It's awesome, when you realize all over again how much you love playing the mandolin.

It's awesome, when you're all caught up on laundry.

It's awesome, when get to spend the afternoon watching All Creatures Great and Small while working on a custom Etsy order.

It's awesome, when you've been singing O For a Thousand Tongues in the shower on Sunday morning and then it's one of the hymns you sing in church.

It's awesome, listening to the sound of everyone turning the pages of their Bibles in church.

It's awesome, when the pastor's message is exactly what you needed to hear.

It's awesome, when you're feeding the horses in the evening and you decide to call your aunt on the cell phone...and you sit there in the hay loft talking until 11:00.

It's awesome, when you have a fangirl conversation about the completely adorable David Tennant with your best bloggy friends on Pinterest...especially when you realize that everyone else would think you're insane...and they'd be right.

It's awesome, and a tad bit frightening, when your grandma tells you, "Don't blink" and you stare at her with huge eyes for about 5 seconds before you realize she wasn't referring to Doctor Who and there are no Weeping Angels in the room.

It's awesome, when you're trying to explain something to your best friend, but you can't quite find the right words, so you say, "Oh, you know what I mean!".  And she does.

It's awesome, when you can spend the evening typing up a post for your blog about the awesome things in your life.


September 16, 2012

New in the Shop | Autumn 2012 Preview

Coming soon to Wool & Whatnot!

...ruffle scarves...

...granny square purses...

...bow belts...

Check out Kellie Falconer Design's Autumn Collection preview here!

Many thanks to Kellie and Algy for their excellent photography skills! :)

September 13, 2012

I ♥ Thursday | no. 6

What I'm lovin' this week...

This granny square cardigan...

{picture credit}
I can so see myself making and wearing this...but in a more muted color palette. :)

This TV series...

All Creatures Great and Small based on the books by James Herriot.
For years I've enjoyed reading about James Herriot's adventures as a vet in the Yorkshire Dales of England, and to see some of my favorite stories come to life has been absolutely delightful!  I love the cast (Peter Davison as Tristan is especially good;) and the scenery is magnificent.

James Herriot, Siegfried Farnon, Tristan Farnon, Mrs. Hall, and Helen Siegfried's dogs;)

Disclaimer: There is definitely adult content in this series and also some language which I could do without, so I can't 100% recommend this series to my readers.  If you've read the books then you already know what to expect.

Happy Trails, y'all!

September 12, 2012

Kindred Spirits

Chocolate milkshakes, cinnamon rolls and sweet fellowship

Today found Kellie and I at Spirit Lake Books & Coffee, meeting some very special young ladies for the first time.  Well, the first time in person, that is.

Libby, Ellie, Elise, myself, Kellie, and two of Kellie's sisters Clara and Matilda

A few weeks ago, Kellie was contacted by Elise of the beautiful blog Fleur d'Elise.   Elise and her family would be in our area of Idaho for a visit and how did we feel about meeting somewhere?  We thought that sounded like a wonderful idea.  So, we did. :)

Within ten minutes of meeting them, I felt like I'd known these girls for a very long time.  The wonderful home-schooler bond certainly helped, and we enjoyed quoting movies and laughing for several hours while enjoying delicious homemade cinnamon rolls, sandwiches and milkshakes.  Absolutely kindred spirits!

As they'll be in the area for a bit longer, we're hoping to meet up again at Farragut for a game of badminton which, as it turns out, they're also fond of playing.  *grin*

It was an absolute delight meeting you Elise, Libby and Ellie!  I'm very much looking forward to (Lord willing) seeing you again before you leave and continuing to build our friendship.

Happy Trails, y'all!

many thanks to my bro for taking the pictures of us:)

September 8, 2012

Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award

Back before I took my blogging break, Treskie from Occasional Randomness awarded me the...

Hurray!  An award!!  Thanks, Treskie! :D

1) Post the rules on your blog.
2) Name five of your most fabulous moments, either in real life or in the blogosphere.
3) Name five things you love.
4) Name five things you hate.
 5) Pass the ribbon onto five other bloggers and leave them a comment to notify them of their win.

Five of My Most Fabulous Moments
moments in which I was fabulous or moments which were fabulous to me?   Well, since I'm always fabulous (harharhar), I'll go with the later option.

The Epic Pilgrimage of Abbie and Tasha
 Almost two years ago (Yikes!  Has it been that long?!  Really?) my cousin Abbie (she's got an awesome blog) and I went on a trip to sunny Southern California to visit our family down there.  Abbie lives in North Carolina and we don't get to see each other as often as we should (Two years??  Ouch...), so taking a ten day long trip together was the best thing ever.  We stayed up indecently late every single night watching movies (Roman Holiday, Amazing Grace, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Hello Dolly!, Casablanca, to name a few.) and consuming large quantities of chocolate.
During the day, we hung out with our wonderful Grandma Barb, going to the beach, drinking coffee, antique store shopping, visiting my friend Noell, and eating real Mexican food.   Also watching Pride & Prejudice (1995) and eating sushi with my Aunt Liz.   And painting my Uncle John and Aunt Beth's guest bathroom for them (with their blessing and permission, btw;).
It was truly epic.

Every time I get together with Kellie is a fabulous moment. :)

When I discovered Doctor Who.  
I'm not gonna lie - a fabulous moment, indeed!!! =D

And to my first Doctor goes all the credit...
Nine, you were fantastic.
From the moment you first told Rose to "Run!", I was completely hooked.

i love this gif 

Opening my Etsy shop.

Buying my first breeding ewes, Lady Jane and Esther.

Five Things I Love

The Lord

My family

My friends


The Doctor
(hehe - sorry, I couldn't resist;)


Five Things I Hate

Costco - it's sooooo crowded!!


I love being able to drive myself places, but I don't enjoy the driving itself.

Large amounts of the color orange.
{As an accent color, especially with purple and blue, I like it.}

That sounds very un-American, doesn't it? ;)

And I'm passing on this award to...

I know not everyone is into awards and tags, so if you don't want to participate, then don't. :)
Just know that I think your blogs are absolutely fabulous!!

Happy Trails, y'all!

September 5, 2012

Summer's End

As you may have guessed, these last few weeks of summer have been more than usually busy around here.  Pleasantly busy, full of fun and memories.

My friend Lauren was married on the 25th of August.
You can see Kellie's wonderful post here.

We went to the county fair the same day with some of our friends.  We wore sunglasses and pretended to be the Impossible Missions team while looking at everything there, including a zebu.

"Oh look!  A zebu!!"

Sorry, I was having too much fun to take pictures, so here's a song instead...
And someone please tell me I'm not the only adult who still loves Veggie Tales. ;)

We had fun watching the Mutton Bustin' after that.  Kids ages 3-6 (I think) and under 60 lbs. (I think) compete to see who can stay on the sheep the longest.  It's loads of fun to watch!

Unfortunately, they were sold out of tickets for the rodeo so we had to skip that.  I was a bit disappointed, but there's always next year. :)

I think my favorite memories of this summer are the evenings spent with friends at Farragut State Park playing badminton and hiking.  Last Friday we met for a game of badminton and homemade peach pie (courtesy of Kellie) and then walked down to the lake in the cool evening air by the light of the blue moon.  The moon path on the water was magical.

It's been such a wonderful summer, I'm sad to see it go...

What are your favorite memories from this summer?