February 10, 2014

Sunday Style // Bicycle for Two

o u t f i t
denim jacket & brown flats // thrifted {Goodwill}
striped tee // Big R
bicycle skirt // eShakti

Here it is, my newest skirt from eShakti!  Once again, I am 100% completely satisfied in ever way.  I'm having way too much fun going through my closet and discovering tops that go with this skirt!  With the adorable bikes embroidered in so many rich colors, I have quite a few options.  It's definitely more of a spring and summer skirt, but it styled well as a winter skirt for church.  Seems like a lot of the other girls at church were thinking summer yesterday, too.  There were quite a few knee length skirts paired with cozy sweaters, shawls, or cute jackets.

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Thanks for being my photographer, Kellie:)

I was so blessed by the special music at church yesterday.  A couple sang Word of God Speak, which is one of my favorite worship songs.  It has always had a calming, quieting effect on my heart.

: :

This last week was the best week I have had in a very long time, possibly the best week EVER!
It held hope, and the promise of more good times to come.

The debate between Ken Ham & Bill Nye was so good!  Way too much fun watching it with my friends at church. *grin*
Wednesday night Bible study continues to be my favorite part of every week.  I loving going early and helping the assistant pastor's wife, Joyce, make soup for our little group.  I'm learning a lot of really good cooking skills from her, and I just love talking with her.  She is a very special lady.  *smile*
The Duck Dynasty marathon was the definition of awesome!  We finished the first disc of Season Three, so we're going to get together again and watch the second disc sometime soon.  I can't wait!!  *big grin*
And the crowning glory - the best out of everything - was the swing dance Saturday night.  BEST DANCE EVER!!  We learned some new moves (such as The Pretzel and The Doggy Door...plus the ones we made up;), I only stepped on one persons foot, and Kellie spent the night afterwards.  A dance must be discussed in great deal, after all. *wink* We didn't get to sleep until about 1:30 am.  Just thinking about how much fun we had makes me smile.  I can't wait for the next dance!! *vibrates with excitement*

How was your week?
Did you watch the Ken Ham/Bill Nye debate? What did you think?
Do you go to a Bible study? What are you studying?
Have you ever gone swing dancing?  Would you like to?
I want to know!


  1. Very cute skirt! You will have fun putting together all sorts of color combinations with it. Glad the dance was the best ever. I so remember myself, staying over at my friend's house to hash over every detail to make sure nothing was overlooked!! hehehe! somethings NEVER change!

  2. Love your hair! It looks so cold there--wishing with you for spring!

    Lately we have been studying Isaiah. There are so many beautiful verses!

  3. Aahhh!! I have had that skirt on my wish list for a few months now! Won't it be just wonderful in the summer!?
    I love it with the striped shirt!

    Kellie did a great job with the pictures! So pretty! Your hair- gorg! :)

    Bek and I did watch the first hour of the debate- even better than we suspected!

    I have not ever been to a swing dance- it would be so much fun though- when we do go to dances (not to often at that *frown*) they are more geared toward square and contra.

    Our church is actually just starting up a Bible study! Other than that I am currently reading through Corinthians.

    Have a great day!

  4. That is such an adorable skirt! Yes I did watch the Ken Hamm/ Bill Nye debate and my thoughts were this; Ken Hamm did an excellent job with presenting Creation as a viable model of origins and that Bill Nye made a fool of himself{to put it nicely} and seemed to go around in a circle. I am not part of a Bible study group but am currently reading through the Bible and right now I'm in Numbers. I would love to go to a swing dance; sounds like loads of fun!
    ~Sarah~ allthingsvintage-sc.blogspot.com Would love it if you come and check out{and follow} my blog!

  5. What a cute skirt! With all the colors it's very bright and cheerful. :)

    The dance you go to always sound like so much fun! I wish there were places closer to home for me to go dancing. There is a place less than 15 minutes away that does ballroom dancing that I'd like to try out eventually, though.

  6. That skirt is so fun! I don't think I realized how long your hair is! Love it!
    Thanks for linking up at WIW Sunday...

  7. Winnie - I can't wait to pair some other shirts with this skirt!

    Bethany - Thank you:) Yep, I'm ready for spring. Definitely.
    Isaiah is such a good study! I love reading through that book.

    Cassie - It would be awesome if we had matching skirts!! :D
    Contra dancing is fun, too. I haven't tried square dancing yet, but someday.
    Corinthians is one of my favorite books to study.

    Sarah - Yep, that's pretty much what I thought after watching the debate.

    Sereina - I think that's why I decided to wear it now, even though it's a summer skirt. I needed some cheerful colors:)
    Everyone at the dances are so nice, so that makes it fun! Plus the dancing, of course;)

    Carolyn - Thank you! I usually wear my hair up because it gets in the way, but sometimes it's easiest just to leave it down. :)
    Thank you for hosting WIW to Church! I'm enjoying it so much:)


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