December 12, 2014


It's me!!  So, I don't really know who else it would be.  This is my blog, after all.

I've been married for 2 months now, and I still love it.  LOVE it.  What I don't love, is this sniffle/sore throat I've picked up and had since last Saturday.  So, almost a week now.  It didn't get really bad until Tuesday.  I stayed in bed all day with chills and aches.  But that's all over.  Now, I just have to deal with coughing - major "I wouldn't be surprised if I coughed my lungs up" coughing - and not being able to talk above a whisper.  Really praying about that since I'm supposed to be singing in our church's Christmas Cantata THIS Sunday.  I love to sing, and I'll be really disappointed if I don't get to.  I think the choir will be just fine without me.  They have other sopranos who can hit the really high stuff, after all.  I keep praying and giving my hoarse throat and the cantata to the Lord.  But, it's hard.

Vintage Texas-ware teacups. <3

Anyway, not really complaining...but yeah, I am.
Here's some snapshots from the past few months for you all.  Still working on picking out which wedding photos I want to share here (there are a TON). *smile*

There are doors on the cupboards, but I love looking at my dishes. ;)

I love our vintage Electrolux vaccuum - it's from the 60s!
There's a shelf over the door to the laundry room/mudroom now.
I love browsing Hank's record collection and listening.  So much fun!
My first official visitors to my new house, Kellie and Clara!
Our power went out (right as we were finishing dinner) so we spent the rest of the evening reading (ahem, at least Hank was reading;) by candlelight. :)

My "new to me" car.  I've named her Tracy.

The Bonnie dog seems to be pretty happy at her new home.  She and the cat Smudge (I'll have to get a picture of her) are getting to be friends, and she loves chasing the neighbor dogs out of the yard. *grin*
And that's all I have time for now.  I've got a kitchen full of dirty dishes.  Totally unbelievable how quickly those accumulate when you're sick.  But Hank is bringing dinner home tonight, which makes me happy.  He's so good to me.  I haven't been this cared for while I was sick since I was a little girl.  I could get used to this. *smile*

Anyone want to see a house tour vlog?
Does your power go out a lot during the winter?  What do you do when it does?  I want to know!

December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday | Free Shipping!

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November 28, 2014

Black Friday | Special Offer!

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My sister-in-law's shop:)

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Both of these shops are just starting out, so let's give them so favorite love, too!

Have a happy Thanksgiving weekend, everyone!

What are your favorite items from both shops?  I want to know!

November 19, 2014

New in the Shop | Thanksgiving Sale 2014

Stay tuned for sale details on the blog, twitter, and G+.

Well, you all might be ready, but I'm still working to get some new goodies in the shop before the sale starts!  Moving to a new house can cause complete chaos and confusion, especially in the crafting department.  I cannot find my crochet thread and snowflake patterns, which is still puzzling and frustrating me. 

 Despite the temporary setback, my crocheted snowflake ornaments are back in the shop.  Hooray!

So, what's new in the shop?  Embellished gloves!

Cute, unique (all designs are one-of-a-kind), and fabulously affordable.
And now, I need to get busy baking an apple pie for the Thanksgiving get together with our Bible study group tonight.  I'm also looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner with Hank's family this year.  It's going to be fantastic!

What's one thing (or person, or event) that you're really, really thankful for this year?
Any fun Thanksgiving traditions in your family?  I want to know!