October 17, 2016


...I finally got the dumb fly that kept buzzing around and landing on my head.  He won't be bothering anyone ever again.  Ha!

That was not how I planned to start this post.  Oh well.  This is real life folks!  I do not like bugs in my house and I rejoice when they're lying stiff and dead.

Ahem.  Anyway...

Some adorable free autumn printables I discovered on Pinterest and needed to share with you! I like to have a few frames on the wall devoted to showcasing the latest free printables I've found.  Which made updating them for fall easy.





And now I really, really want to go buy some adorable mini pumpkins to brighten the house up even more.  I didn't get a chance to decorate for autumn last year (new baby) and I was sick a lot the year we got married, so I'm excited to finally decorate for my favorite season!

It's been extremely rainy here, hence the need for brightening.  I love a good rainy afternoon curled up with a book by the stove, but it is a bit gloomy after a while.

We have a colorful assortment of potatoes from the garden!  The only thing that actual grew this year, which is disappointing.  Not a good garden year.

We spent our 2nd anniversary picking up all the sheep and bringing them home.  Well, most of them home.  Some of the lambs went to the auction, and half of the ewes and Gunnar the ram went to a friend's house.  She has a 10 acre field with nothing in it, so they are enjoying tender green grass and we are enjoying not having to feed them hay for another month.  The rest of the ewes and our new ram, Norris, are taking it easy here at home, nibbling at oat hay. It's sooo nice to have sheep at home again.  I missed them so much!

His spot on the porch, although he also loves to hang out by the sheep pens.

Gus is continuing to grow...and grow...and grow.  I keep forgetting that he's still a puppy - his size throws me off.  He's about 8-months-old now.  He's turning into quite the dog.  Doing much better with the sheep now that he's bigger and the ewes aren't feeling protective of their lambs.  He patrols the yard at night, sleeps on the porch, and scares "bad things" away.  His list of bad things include elk, deer, squirrels, the neighbors, certain cars, the UPS truck, dogs, people on bikes, and the electric fence.  We're still working on teaching him that most of those bad things are not, in fact, bad unless they try to open the gate and come in.  He's smart, so he is catching on quickly.

Ivy and cousin Alexander.  They LOVE to play with each other and that makes me so happy.

Ivy adores Gus.  And the cat.  Actually, she just loves all of the animals.  But especially dogs and cats. If I ask her where the kitty is, she'll look around saying, "Diddy? Diddy?".  Yay for first words!  And I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that she is going to be ONE in a month!  How did that even happen?

And is their something really wrong with looking at fall printables on Pinterest while listening to Christmas music?  I'm not sure...but I might have a problem.

What have you been enjoying this fall?  I want to know!

September 23, 2016

farewell, summer

It's been rainy, grey, and very fall-ish around here for the past several weeks.  While I'm definitely, totally ready for autumn, I thought I'd share these sweet summer photos of Ivy and Hank as a farewell to summer.

These are from the middle of May when we had some rather warm weather and chronicle Ivy's first popsicle experience. *smile*

Goodness how she has grown!  And she has a lot more hair now. *grin*

What are your favorite memories from this summer? I want to know!

September 3, 2016

North Idaho State Fair | 2016

I was ridiculously excited to take Ivy to the fair this year.  After all, it was her first fair experience!  I remember going to the fair with my family when I was little, and I couldn't wait to make new memories with my own little girl!

Hank was able to take the day off so we could go together.  He has a lot of fair memories as well, mostly have hanging out all day, every day taking care of 4-H goats and sheep.

Watching the swine show.

Our first stop was the 4-H swine show.  For those who have never seen a swine show, it goes something like this...  You have a bunch of 4-Hers with their pigs milling around the show pen.  They're all trying to show their pigs off to the best advantage for the judge.  One pig gets a bit too close to another pig and FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!  The air fills with squeals as the pigs gnaw on each other.  This continues until a guy rushes over with a big board and shoves it in between the pigs so they can't see each other, thus ending the disagreement.  You were so right, Hank - the pig show is exciting and awesome! *grin* 

Ivy loved looking at all the animals.  This adorable Dexter cow made her laugh!  So did the goats in the goat barn.

This is pretty much how Ivy rode the whole time - sitting up and staring at everything with big eyes.  Also, strollers are awesome!  Don't have to carry the kid, and there's a nice big storage basket.

I think we walked through every display and animal building, except for the Rabbit barn.  For some reason we missed that one.

Our adorable child making adorable faces.

They had an awesome Farm to Table park set up for the kids.  Ivy enjoyed sitting in the saddle a lot.

Little cowgirl.

We couldn't get her to look at the camera for this one, but still totally cute.

Kindly tilt your head to the left so you can watch a short video...


I feel like an idiot for the sideways filming.  I know better!  Oh well.  Still cute.
Except for the kid screaming in the background.  So glad it's not mine.

And then my camera battery died. Which was very sad.

They had some really neat sideshows at the fair this year.  We enjoyed the Canadian Lumberjack show and the African Acrobats.  There was a European Marionette show which sounded amazing, but in reality it was...well, creepy is the only word that comes to mind.  Also, weird.  We sat and watched for a bit, mostly because there was shade, and ate our ice cream cones.  We were so thankful that Ivy wasn't old enough to enjoy it and didn't pitch a fit when we left. *wink*

And that's about it.  We watched a bit of women's breakaway calf roping, ate German sausage with sauerkraut, and Ivy even took a short nap towards the end.  She was good as gold the whole day. It was a really fun day, and I'm so happy I got to spend it with my two favorite people in the whole world. *smile*

Do you have a state or county fair that you go to?
What is your favorite thing about the fair?
I want to know!