November 19, 2014

New in the Shop | Thanksgiving Sale 2014

Stay tuned for sale details on the blog, twitter, and G+.

Well, you all might be ready, but I'm still working to get some new goodies in the shop before the sale starts!  Moving to a new house can cause complete chaos and confusion, especially in the crafting department.  I cannot find my crochet thread and snowflake patterns, which is still puzzling and frustrating me. 

 Despite the temporary setback, my crocheted snowflake ornaments are back in the shop.  Hooray!

So, what's new in the shop?  Embellished gloves!

Cute, unique (all designs are one-of-a-kind), and fabulously affordable.
And now, I need to get busy baking an apple pie for the Thanksgiving get together with our Bible study group tonight.  I'm also looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner with Hank's family this year.  It's going to be fantastic!

What's one thing (or person, or event) that you're really, really thankful for this year?
Any fun Thanksgiving traditions in your family?  I want to know!

November 5, 2014

One Month

Where shall I begin?  Just 32 days ago, the Lord made Hank and I one.
The wedding was amazing.  It was incredible...and so, so unreal.

I was the bride wearing that white wedding dress and veil, standing across from my handsome groom, committing to be faithful to him, to love him, to submit to him, for the rest of our lives.  Getting my first kiss...honestly, that was so weird.  Wonderful, but weird.  It's not weird anymore...we've been practicing a lot. *grin* And I am so, so glad that we waited until we were officially married to kiss.  Definitely worth it, ladies! 

Married life.  Like my wedding registry says, "Day 32 of Happily Ever After".  Totally loving it!  The Lord has blessed me beyond anything I could possibly deserve, or ever imagined, by giving me Hank.  I thank Him every day for bringing us together.  Running my own house, cleaning, decorating, grocery shopping, cooking,'s my joy and delight.  Sending my man off to work every morning is so hard - especially at 5:30 am - but welcoming him home in the evening more than makes up for it.  The joy of his face being the first and last I see every day.  Yes, I love being married.

I'm still waiting to get all of my wedding photos, but here are a few to tide you over...

The wedding party: Abbie (my cousin), Kellie, me, Hank, and Austin (his brother)

"Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh."  Genesis 2:24

And what have all of you been up to while I've been away?  I want to know!

September 21, 2014

Time...where are you?

My's been a while since I've rattled the keys and given you all an update.
And I've missed it - I've missed you.  So much.

Time.  Where has it gone?  I used to have it.  Between planning a wedding, living my current life, and preparing for my future one, I seem to have misplaced all my free time, as well as my spare moments.  You wouldn't believe how much time and energy go into planning a wedding...unless, of course, you've planned one yourself.  In that case, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

But seriously.  This is insanity!  Which is exactly why the little bride-to-be ends up in tears or fits so often - everything else is crazy, so jump on in, the water is fine!  Actually, everything is going along so smoothly.  The venue is ready, the dress is (just about) finished, the dance floor is rented, the marriage license obtained, and everything has been planned out down to the smallest detail.  I praise the Lord for that and give Him all of the glory.

This is the picture we used for our invitations.
We are less than 2 weeks away from the wedding, people!  Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!  Last time I was on here, I believe we were still about 60 or so days out.  Yikes!  Time does fly.  These past few months have been both incredibly amazing and challenging.  But mostly amazing.  Hank and I have been going through premarital counseling with our pastor.  Which has been so, so good.  You know what my greatest discovery has been during this time?  Praying with Hank and for him.  Girls, there is nothing like it.  It draws you closer to the Lord while drawing the two of you closer together on a whole new level.  And it helps to keep the focus on God.  It is so, so easy to let that focus slip.  But how can you build a relationship when there is no foundation?  "Keep our eyes on You", has become our constant prayer.  I thank the Lord for everything that He has been teaching us during this season.

Goodness, that's all the time I can spare right now.  But here are some engagement pictures to keep you all busy until after the wedding! *grin*  So enjoy, and I'll see you all soon...ish.  Sometime towards the end of October, I'm thinking. *smile*

We used this one for the back of our invitation, with the details in the middle.  It turned out so lovely.

Photo credit goes to Kellie and Alex.  Thanks, you two! :)

August 8, 2014

Photo a Day // July

O N E | Pretty much the entire church lined up for a water balloon toss at our Independence Day picnic.  Way too much fun!!

T W O |  Being engaged to the best man in the whole world is incredible.  And completely unreal still, but entirely wonderful.

T H R E E | At the beach at Jenny's bachelorette party.

F O U R | Hank's birthday!  And my first time cooking in the "soon to be mine" kitchen. :)

F I V E | Getting to zip along to church in my bro's Mazda Miata!  So much fun!  Blingy sunglasses are a must.

S I X & S E V E N |  Sheep shearing with Hank again, which is pretty much my favorite thing ever.  Just spending time with him, and getting to see some really awesome sheep setups!  This place was particularly awesome.

And these yearling rams were huge!

E I G H T | Cherry picking and pitting time.  A ring picture was entirely necessary.

N I N E | Us. *smile*

T E N | My "soon to be" niece, Annie, at Jenny's wedding rehearsal.

E L E V E N |  Jenny's wedding, which I was honored and privileged to help photograph.  I was so, so nervous!  It's a huge responsibility, photographing a wedding!  But I made it through, and although I wouldn't want a career in it, I had fun and did a pretty good job...I hope. ;)

Anybody know of to turn off auto edit on Blogger?  Because it's really irritating me the way it's messing with my pictures!

And that was my July.  Crazy, insanely busy, but so much fun.

So far, I'm still on top of the planning for my own wedding.  The invitations were ordered, arrived ahead of schedule, and will hopefully be sent out on Monday.  Kellie and I have the fabric for my dress and for the bridesmaids dresses, so we'll be starting on those soon.  And I've still got some time to figure out the cake, the refreshments for the reception, the flowers, and the dancing.  Yep, it's all coming together.  I praise the Lord for helping me to stay calm and for all of my friends and family who have been helping me with the details.

Through this all, I've really been missing my mom.  I mean, she's here and everything, but because she's still in a wheelchair and not feeling good most of the time, she can't help me with a lot of the planning.  And I miss having her help with everything, but especially with my wedding.  Kellie's mom has watched me grow up and I've always looked at her as a second mom to me.  I am so thankful for her help and advice right now.  She has so many good ideas!  So, thank you Ma, for everything.  I appreciate and love you so much.

Well, I'd better start addressing those invitation envelopes if I want to mail them on Monday!

How was your July?  Full of fun, I hope!  
Tell me how your summer has been so far.  I want to know!