July 13, 2015

pixie + penelope

Allow me to introduce the newest additions to our little farm, Penelope and Pixie!

Penelope in the foreground, Pixie in the back.
Aren't they cute?!  They are Nigerian Dwarf goats.  Cute, cute, cute!!  I think they're somewhere around 3-4 months old. My mother-in-law, Shirley, had quite a few kids this year, so she gave/traded me these two.  

Notice, they do not have horns.  No more devil goats with horns on this farm, no sir!

What fascinates me the most, besides their miniature adorableness, is how different these two are.  Pixie is always getting out of their pen - little escape artist - while Penelope is content to stay inside.  And since they're both a bit wild, there is no way I can catch Pixie once she's out.  But that's okay, since she also knows how to get back in. :wink:


Starting this weekend we'll be hitting the road and heading to several different Bluegrass festivals in the area.  The Panhandle Polecats have a busy July schedule!  I'm looking forward to hanging out with Hank's family and hearing some awesome music!

What do you think of my dwarf goats?
What are some of your summer plans?
I want to know!

June 10, 2015

One Thousand Words

A picture is worth "a thousand words", right?
 Today I have a loooong overdue picture post for you all!

On March 16th, our first lamb of the year was born.

We pretty much had at least one ewe lamb every day after that, so with 11 ewes expecting, it wasn't long before we had 17 lambs running around.  We had only 2 stillborn lambs (their twins survived), so we did really well this year!  Praise the Lord for that!

This little one was jumping around as soon as she was born!

We had quite a few first time mommies this year, and they all did a fabulous job.  Three of them gave us twins, although the norm for first timers is a single lamb.  Very exciting!

I'm not sure why we're wearing bowls on our heads.  But that's okay.

The awesome owl cake that my sister Jenny made for my birthday!

April 21st was Kellie bridal shower.  I had way too much fun putting the candy buffet together!

Shortly after the shower, we went on a day trip with Hank's family.  Actually, we went to a funeral.  But the trip was fun, even though our fan belt broke and we were stranded for a bit.  It's all part of the adventure, right?  :smile:

Hank, Bonnie-the-human (wouldn't want to confuse my sister-in-law with my dog;), and I entertained ourselves in the back seat.

Next on the schedule, shearing our flock of 15 sheep.

The lambs grow so fast!  I'm so glad we ear tagged all of them - it would have been so hard to keep track of who belonged to which ewe without them!

It was around this time that we had to put our ram, Ferdinand, down.  He was apparently extremely susceptible to internal parasites and try as we might, we couldn't seem to get him to gain weight and thrive.  Eventually, he became too weak to even stand up.  So we had to make the hard decision.  And it was a hard decision, especially since he was such a sweetie and only 2-years-old.

At the end of May we headed down to Arizona for another funeral.  We rode with Jenny and her husband, JD.  Which was really fun!

Saw some sheep while driving through Montana.  We also saw several moose, elk, numerous mule deer, some antelope, a coyote, and jackrabbits.  Oh, and Hank saw a bat.

Jenny and JD's dog Rex came along.  He did so well on the drive, usually content to sit in someone's lap...especially if they had a soft pillow. He liked my pillow best. ;)

My handsome man.

On our way down, we planned to stay in Las Vegas.  The lights on the casinos may be pretty and fun to photograph, but I felt uneasy as soon as we arrived.  Fortunately, God had other plans for us.  It turned out that the hotel we made reservations at didn't accept dogs.  Since we had Rexy, we had to find another hotel.  Th unanimous decision was made to head to the next city and get a hotel there instead.  I don't think I've ever been more relieved in my life to not stay somewhere!  So thank you Father for making it impossible for us to stay in that hotel and providing a better one elsewhere!

Like I said, the lights are certainly fun to look at! :smile:

Me with my baby bump.  13 weeks in this pic!

I unfortunately didn't get any pictures while in Arizona.  On our way home, Hank and I drove his parent's car back (since they were driving a different vehicle home).  I loved traveling with Jenny and JD, but it was really, really nice to have my husband all to myself!  Hank says I didn't stop talking till we arrived in St. George.  Being Memorial Day weekend, we had quite the adventure finding a hotel room to stay in.  But we kept praying, and finally found one!

We took a scenic byway on our way home and encountered some snow.  And we drove around the Bryce Canyon area.  Love the red rocks!

And, making their first appearance on the blog, the pigs!

We bought four pigs at the beginning of April, and after 2 months, they each weigh about 100 lbs.  Once they reach approximately 300 lbs, we'll have yummy pork in our freezer.  But for now, I just enjoy having them.  Pigs are so funny. :grin:

And that's all...for now.  So much is happening in our lives right now.

My "little" brother got married on Saturday.  So weird, having my little bro be a married man.  But also, completely wonderful.  He and Sarah make a lovely couple and I'm looking forward to seeing what the Lord has planned for them!

I'm now 15 weeks pregnant.  Not feeling nearly as sick as I was, praise the Lord.  I was beginning to think I might be sick the entire pregnancy - not a happy thought!  It's much more fun now, especially being able to feel baby move around a bit.  I love that so much!

The weather has been insanely hot here for this time of year.  In the 90s.  I'm not much of a heat person anyway, but being pregnant makes it much worse.  So I spend a lot of time in the house.  Which is good, since I'm finally able to do housework again.  I was too tired and sick before.

Anyway, I think I'll wrap this post up and start doing some of that housework!

Has your summer started of busy, busy, busy?
What are some of the things you've been doing?
Is it really hot where you live?
I want to know!

May 28, 2015

A Love Like Ours | Book Review

Lyndie and Jake were inseparable friends as children.  But when Lyndie's family moves away, it will be years before they meet again.  Twenty, to be exact. Now adults, they've become very different people.  But there's one thing they still have in common - horses.  After being injured while serving his country in Iraq with the Marines, Jake struggles with PTSD.  Now working as a Thoroughbred trainer, he spends most of his time alone and avoids relationships.  But with Lyndie back in his life and exercising the horses he trains, how long will that last?  

An excellent spring/summer read, I read this book in one day.  There was no way I could put it aside for later once I'd begun.  Truthfully, I think the cover is quite sappy (although the colors are lovely), but the plot and sub-plots more then compensated for that.  Jake reminded me very much of the tall, dark, and brooding characters from Jane Austen's books (Mr. Darcy, anyone?).  I'm sure that was intentional.  Lyndie was sweet.  Sweet, caring, and thoughtful.  And she loves horses, so how could I not like her?  I especially enjoyed the interaction between Lyndie's family.  Her only sister is confined to a wheelchair because of health problems, and over the years she has helped to grow their faith.  Yes, I loved their family.  And unlike much of Christian Fiction, the faith they showed was not wishy-washy.  This was a great book and I will be seeking out other titles by Becky Wade.

: : I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review. : :

May 18, 2015

Adventures in Saying Yes | Book Review

Written by Carl Medearis about his family's real life adventures in saying "yes" to Jesus, I found this an interesting, thought provoking read from the beginning.  The writing style is engaging and fun to read.  Although mostly told by Carl, there are also parts written by his wife, Chris, and their three adult children.

Not just about their unique life, this book encourages you to exchange fear for faith.  I know I find it easier to be fearful rather than faithful.  It's something that the Lord has been working on in me for quite some time.  The main point is to turn the control over to God and trust Him.

I found this book to be very encouraging, and it was extremely interesting to read about the Medearis' life in Beriut and their ministry in the Middle East to the Muslims.  Definitely on my recommended reading list!

: : I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review. : :