August 2, 2017


Long time, no write. *grin*

I'm composing this on my phone, so I will keep it brief.

The last few days of our move were crazy. So thankful to have that behind us!  We've settled into some form of normal life in our trailer.  It's a new, though temporary, normal just as it is a temporary season in our life.  Trailer life through the summer, not that bad.  Basically an extended camping trip, but better because we are on our own land.  I think I miss the washer and the shower the most.

We have no lack of water (got the pump installed and a generator), just a lack of power. To try and make a long story short, we will not be going solar after all.  In a surprising turn of events Hank's sister and her family sold their house and bought 20 acres right next to us. We share a property line. Now that I'm used to the idea, I'm excited to have them next door.  The cousins can grow up playing together everyday if they want to!

Rob and Molly buying next to us made bringing power in a much cheaper option than solar. So there you have it.

Another major change in our plans is to build an actual house, instead of a shop barn with an apartment.  You have no idea how excited I am that we will have a real house!!  The new plan is to build a 24x24 house with a basement. We're planning small for cost reasons, but will be able to add on quite easily at a later date.

We finally have all our permit applications submittedand are just waiting on  the go ahead from the county and power company.  It could take 4 weeks or so to get that, but we're trying to be patient. *smile*

In the meantime we are enjoying our new place very much. Frequent walks and bike rides. Shearing slowed down in July, but will be busy again in the fall.

The kiddos are getting big, growing like weeds. Especially Asa! They have adjusted very well to trailer life.

And that's about it. I've been sharing a lot on Twitter (@littleNatashaM) and Instagram (@littlenatashamarie)so follow me there to stay updated.

How is your summer going? I want to know!

June 1, 2017

Moving Out

Well, this is it.  Our last week in the little house I've called home for 2 1/2 years.  Many happy memories have been made in that time and in this little house.  I will be sad to say goodbye.

But oh so happy to say hello to this every day!

This is the driveway of our new property.  And you can't even tell how truly beautiful it is there from this picture.  So many lovely trees, lots of wildflowers blooming right now.  I love it.

We finally closed on our new place on May 15.  It feels good to own land again. :)

Some details...
  • Size - 30 acres of bare land.  No power, but the well got put in last week.
  • It's in a very rural area, with no parcels less than 20 acres around us.
  • There's a ton of State and Forest Service land around us and access to a small lake.
  • We will be living in our camper trailer over the summer while Hank builds us a dwelling place.
  • That dwelling will be a shop barn with living quarters.  Down the road, when funds allow, we will build a real house.
  • It's gonna be a crazy adventure!

We found a snail - Ivy was fascinated.

There is no power on the property at the moment, so for a bit we will be off the grid.  We're not sure when we will get power, so this may be my last blog post for awhile. :(

To tide you over, here are some more pictures of Asa...

Both my kiddos are growing so fast.  I treasure every minute I get to spend with them.

One last thing...packing and moving is sooo not fun.  I am so glad we are never going to do this again!!

May 10, 2017

Asa Victor

We have a son!  Asa Victor was born at 11:33 AM on May 8th.
8 lbs 4 oz  -  21.25 inches

He was born in the same room as Ivy was at the birth center.  Another water birth, which is the only way I ever want to do it.  In many ways, I feel like this birth was harder.  For one thing, a bigger baby (Ivy was 6lbs 7oz).  Also, Asa didn't want to stop sucking on his thumb while inside, which was keeping him from getting in the right position to come out.  But the midwife knew exactly how to get him where he was supposed to be.  So thankful once again for the amazing birth team at Dayspring Midwifery!

Ivy is completely enchanted with her little brother.  Every time she sees him, she holds out her hands to hold him. It's the sweetest. *smile*

I'll share more pictures later.  Have a blessed day, everyone!

April 22, 2017

Spring Snapshots

Ivy and I enjoy the warm days when we can go barefoot!
Sadly, this spring has mostly been cold and rainy, so not too many barefoot days yet.

 After so many easy births, our last ewe of the season gave us a fun situation.  She had triplets - all HUGE lambs - and the first one was making it difficult for everyone by trying to come out back first.  No, not breech - her back above her hips was blocking everything. Hank had a fun time re-positioning and pulling her, and ended up pulling the other two since the mama was so tired.  Sadly we lost the last one - she snorted up a bunch of birth fluid and it couldn't be cleared out in time.  But the other two are just fine, although we ended up bringing the trouble maker (1st lamb) inside for some TLC.  She's my bottle lamb now and I named her Felicity.

If Daddy is outside, Ivy wants to be outside, too!

Playing dress-up with mommy's shoes. :)

My latest knitting project and reading material.  I devoured both of Amanda Owen's books as quickly as possible.  So inspiring to me!  The knitting project is a sweet lamb baby blanket.  I'll share pics when it's finished.

Getting her greens in.

Visiting Gus.

Easter Sunday

Those little toes and sandals. So much cuteness!

We spent our Resurrection Day afternoon at Hank's parent's place eating yummy food and playing several rounds of Mexican Train.  Ivy enjoyed being the only grandchild there and eating corn on the cob. *wink*

We're making progress on buying our new place, slowly but surely.  Lord willing, we'll be able to close within the next few weeks.  In the meantime we will be figuring out where we want to put the well and our pole barn.  Exciting times!

Here's hoping the next time I post, I'll be sharing pics of our new Baby! *smile*

Does your family have any Easter/Resurrection Day traditions?  I want to know!