September 25, 2009

Weather Balloon Volleyball

A long time ago, my Dad used weather balloons for testing his electronics business products...I think. 

Like I said, it was a long time ago.  As far back as I can remember, Dad did stuff with weather balloons.  We have pictures of me when I was really little (about 2 years old), helping daddy with the balloons.

Today, while rummaging in the attic, Dad found a couple of the balloons that hadn't been inflated yet.  He enlisted me to help inflate one (it was my job to make sure it didn't touch the ground), to see if it would hold air.  He wasn't sure if it would, since they're about 15 years old.

While we were inflating it, Alex and my extra brothers (the A boys) happened along.  Of course, they were immediately interested.
They took over keeping it off the ground, so I got a few snapshots - you generally fill weather balloons with helium, so they'll float, but, unfortunately, we didn't have any, so we had to use plain old air.
Then they carried it away...
...and around the pond...
...where Dad prepared to toss it in.
Doesn't that look neat?!
The boys towed it around for a bit...
After a while, we put some more air in it - weather balloons are capable of being inflated till their about 20 feet across, but it takes about a half an hour to get them that big.  I think some weather balloons are even bigger.
The boys then had the bright idea of playing volleyball with the balloon in the pasture.
They tried it in the horse pasture first - I only wish I had a video of Dewey when the balloon landed on his head...;)
For safety reasons (!), we relocated to the lower pasture.  Enjoy the video:)  
btw, our camera no longer records sound, so you really can't hear anything besides static.
 Happy Trails y'all!

September 16, 2009

The Rockin' B Ranch

This Thursday was the Hat Band's last opportunity to play at the Rockin' B Ranch Cowboy Supper Show for the season.  They got to play once a month this year as the pre-show.  Many of the other local bands have this opportunity as well.
Kellie and Grampy came with us this time=)
Grampy is Mrs. F's dad, who was visiting this past week.
Dad and the boys - it's hard to get good pictures at the Rockin' B because it's so dark inside.
Thank goodness for Photoshop!=)
I'm so glad you and Grampy were able to come, Kellie:)
Happy Trails, folks!