April 29, 2012

walking in the gloaming

g l o a m i n g
twilight; dusk

because sometimes you just need to take a walk in the twilight...

sometimes, you just need to feel the cool evening breeze...

sometimes, you just need to soak in God's creation...

sometimes, you just need to pour your heart out to God where no one can see you...

sometimes, you just need to cry in the rain...

sometimes, you just need to hear His voice...

sometimes, you just need to remember why the Lord created dogs...

sometimes, you just need to remember how much He loves you...

sometimes, you just need to remember that you are forgiven...

sometimes, you just need to remember that you are His forever...

sometimes, what you really need is a walk in the twilight.

One Skirt | Three Days | Day Three

{Day Three}

Last day of the challenge!  I think this may have been my favorite fashion challenge yet.
Thank you Ashley, Natasha, and Olivia for hosting this event! 
It's been just lovely and I hope you'll be doing this again!

So, today the idea was to dress up my skirt for church...even though I didn't go today.
My family is in between churches for several reasons right now, so we do our own Bible study at home every Sunday, although my bro and I occasionally attend a friend's church.
Anyway, moving on...

I was being optimistic and hoping for a warm sunny day today, but my hopes were in vain as it's cloudy and bit rainy today...with 5 seconds of sunshine here and there.  Another typical North Idaho spring day;)

In reality, if I had gone to church I would have worn my denim jacket with this outfit, instead of the pink vest...that is, if my denim jacket hadn't been MIA since December when I let my mom borrow it.  I have no idea where it disappeared to and neither does she.  The search goes on.

o u t f i t
pink crocheted vest - made by me
t-shirt with lace trim - Fred Meyer
skirt - Christopher & Banks
shoes - no idea

My hair was still damp from being washed this morning, so I left it down today.

I've enjoyed seeing everyone's outfits!
I hope you all have a beautiful and blessed Sunday:)

thanks to my bro for taking my picture on all three days - you do an amazing job!

April 28, 2012

One Skirt | Three Days | Day Two

{Day Two}

I have a lot of shirts that go with this skirt, but the point of a challenge is to challenge yourself, right?
So, for today I chose a shirt I'd never worn with this skirt.
The rest of the accessories just sort of came together.

o u t f i t
plaid blouse - thrifted {Goodwill}
teal cami - don't know
belt - Corral West
initial belt buckle - gifted {Montana Silversmiths}
embroidered denim skirt - Christopher & Banks
pink and brown cowgirl boots - Ariat

Happy Trails y'all!

April 27, 2012

One Skirt | Three Days | Day One

{Day One}

I was going to use a skirt I recently remade for this challenge, but the dog and sheep conspired against me and it is now in sore need of a wash.
So, I decided to use one of my very favorite spring/summer denim skirts instead...

The afternoon lighting was perfect in our backyard.
My sheepies have been busy mowing the lawn for the past few days, so they became my props:)

o u t f i t
pullover hooded sweater - Christopher & Banks
pink t-shirt - Fred Meyer
denim skirt - Christopher & Banks
shoes - Keds

I love shopping Christopher & Banks' sale rack - so many lovely treasures!

Today was one of those lovely North Idaho days where the weather changed about 50 times.
(yes, I slightly exaggerate...)
It was kind of hard picking something to wear for the day.

Happy Trails!

many thanks to my bro for once again being my excellent photographer

April 22, 2012


...on the farm.

Freckles enjoys getting to kick up his heels in the coral.
We're not sure exactly how old he is as he's not registered, but he's somewhere in his late 20s.
And still lookin' awesome!

Dewey (my bro's horse) and Freckles are reluctant friends.
They enjoy biting and squealing at each other.

My mom was able to take a walk down to the barn to see Freckles today.
Once Freckles gets his hooves trimmed and all of the spring sillies out of his system, my mom is going to start riding him again.

Horseback riding is excellent for someone who has lost the use of their legs because the motion of the horse walking mimics the movement of our legs when we're walking, thus exercising our muscles as if we were walking.  Pretty cool, huh?

Dad and Mom

And now for some lambie pics...

The Nibblin' Lamb


My plant starts caught a bit of sun on the deck, as did Bonnie.

Happy Trails, y'all!