February 19, 2014

Inspired | New in the Shop

Sometimes, I find myself in a creative slump.  New laptop sleeves and iPad cozies to make, but lacking the inspiration to get the job done.  It's like writer's block for craft-y people.   Unfortunately, you can't force creativity.

Sometimes, I just need some COLOR!! 

That's when I get on my Pinterest and browse through my shop's inspiration board.  You wouldn't believe the difference it makes, just seeing all those different colors together, whether they be in nature, fashion, or the creative work of someone else.  This is a perfect example... 

That rich red coupled with the sparkling aqua blue in those three pictures inspired this laptop sleeve.
Is it creepy that I've been sitting here for several minutes, paused in my typing, just admiring those gorgeous colors?  I'm kind of loving this color combo, and especially the aqua blue, right now.

What inspires your creativity?  I want to know!


  1. That's really a lovely colour combination! Aqua is such a beautiful colour.
    I can't say for sure what inspires my creativity. Anything from beautiful photos like you, to historical things (clothes and otherwise), to nature... and besides, I have different kinds of creativity, so my writing is inspired by other things, and there in particular I often have no idea where it comes from!

  2. Honestly, I get my ideas for my crafts from other people (thanks a lot, Pinterest!). I don't have a whole lot of my own creativity, but I will shamelessly copy others. :)

  3. I love those colors together! So pretty.

    I know what you mean about creative slumps. I've been in a slump with my Etsy shop over the past 6 months or so. But lately I've been inspired, and I've been tweaking a couple of things with my products. And I'm excited about making things to sell again! :)

  4. Those colors are stunning together, Tasha! Wow, the red just pops. What inspires creativity for me??? I guess is has to do with need, ability to complete on time, and sometimes something I am reading or watching that is totally unrelated but somehow inspiring at the same time. For me, I need form before I can select color. Weird how it all comes together in my mind. OR doesn't!!

  5. Wow, what a pretty color combination!!! I love it!
    I'm a big fan of Pinterest and print magazines to give me a dose of inspiration for new projects, but sometimes I just have to wade through a lack of creativity for a while.

  6. That is gorgeous Natasha! Never would I have thought to put those colors together but I love it! It is a very clean, new, and refreshing looking combination

  7. The combination of red and aqua blue totally surprised me by being one of the most beautiful colour combinations I've ever seen! High five, girl! :)
    I have to admit that colours are also something that really inspires me too. If I need inspiration I can peek through my fabric collection and get ideas from the colours, or - like you did - just other random colour combos.
    I LOVE YOUR NEW IPAD SLEEVE. If I had an ipad, I would seriously consider saving for it... :)

  8. Hana-Marmota - I love aqua. One of my favorite shades of blue, for sure! I'm so glad my photos inspire you! Thank you for saying so:)

    Francine - lol! I'm quite the copy-cat, too. ;)

    Bethany - They sure are! Loving them so much:)

    Kristin - It's so easy to get stuck in a creative slump. I'm glad you're feeling inspired and excited again about your Etsy!

    Winnie - Thanks! I hear you - I'm inspired by some really random things, sometimes totally unrelated.

    Lauren - And then when inspiration hits, you do nothing else until suddenly you're in the creative slump again. ;)

    Maria - Thanks! Can't wait to see you on Sunday! :)

    BatZion Francesca - :high fives back: Thank you!
    I'm often inspired by fabric, too!
    Aww, thanks!

  9. You and Kellie with your photos of Idaho country life are extremely inspirative, even if the inspiration is not as direct. :-)


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