May 28, 2014

Treasured | Bright & Bold

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Apparently I'm not the only one who loves the startling combination of retro red and aqua blue!
What do you think?  Love or despise this combo?  I want to know!

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May 27, 2014

Five Purple Tulips

A bouquet of five beautiful, extremely photogenic, purple tulips from Hank deserve their own post. *smile*

May 19, 2014

Photo a Day // May // Weeks 1 & 2

O N E | When you need chocolate, you need chocolate.

T W O | The tulips are out!

T H R E E | Transplanting my plant starts to bigger pots.

F O U R | Lemon bars.  Yum!

F I V E | Sleepy kitty cat.

S I X | I love the beautiful pink blossoms on the ornamental plum tree in our front yard.

S E V E N | Selfie with the bottle lamb. :)

E I G H T | Dancin' at the Post Falls swing dance.  So much fun!

N I N E | A friend's dog...I actually didn't get his name, which is very unusual for me.  Oh well.  He's a sweetie. :)

T E N | More target practice with the .22 rifle.

E L E V E N | A Canada goose got caught in the sheep fence.  My dad and I were able to cut the fence and she/he made her way back to the pond with minimal injury.  

T W E L V E | A surprise package from Winnie full of goodies from her trip to the Netherlands!  Thank you, Winnie!! :D

T H I R T E E N | Flowers from Hank. <3

F O U R T E E N | Hank's harmonicas in their case.

May 13, 2014

April 2014 // Report Card

Helping Hank shear his sheep.   I use the term "help" loosely here. ;)

This is my ewe Emma's mom, Biddy, with her two lambs from this year.

Photo a Day & Weekly Posting | A- | I'll admit it.  I've been a bit busy lately, so regular posting as suffered a bit.  Not in the amount, just in timing.  Which is really okay.  My blog, my know how that goes. ;)

Dance More | A | I've definitely been getting a lot of dancing in!  There are several swing dances to go to in the area, which is convenient.  Plus Hank, Christopher, Kellie, Ellen, and I have started taking swing dance lessons together.  So much fun!!  I'm disappointed that I haven't made it to any of the contra dances lately, though.

Jenny & JD getting ready to go on our Easter Sunday walk.

One Cross Stitch a Month | A | Not technically a cross stitch, but I embroidered Liz's present for her, and I'm working on an embroidery for myself now. :)

Selfie time!*grin*

Movie "Fast" on Sunday | C | Not so much...but I'm not terribly bothered by this since I've been watching less movies during the week already.  They're not a distraction from my Bible time like they were last year.

Transporting Ingrid to her new home.

Impromptu ice cream parties. :D

Buy Less Clothes | B | Only two stops at the thrift store, and I got a pair of jeans that fit!  As you may remember, that was on the list.  So I did a pretty good job. *smile*

Hope Chest | F | Nothing new to report.

Going for a stroll/hike on Aubrey's birthday.

We're totes adorbs.  Just saying it cause it's true. ;)

Practice my Mandolin | F | I thought you were going to do some jamming with me so I wouldn't fail this month, Hank! *grin*

Keep up on House Cleaning | A- | Considering how much I've been running around lately, I've done a pretty good job of keeping the house clean.

I believe the credit for this amazing culinary creation goes to Lilly.
Spend More Time in the Word | A | I'm enjoying my Bible study with Hank so much, as well as really getting into my personal daily reading.  His Word is amazing.  No matter how many times I've read a passage, there is always something new to notice and learn.

Happy Trails, everyone!

Sunday Style // Touch the Sky

o u t f i t
ye olde jean jacket / lace blouse / brown flats // thrifted {Goodwill}
green tank top // thrifted {Dazzle}
purple houndstooth print circle skirt // Shabby Apple
initial necklace // gifted

It's finally warm enough to wear the gloriously purple, fantastically twirly, houndstooth circle skirt!!  As you can see, I paired it with my favorite lace blouse and jean jacket.  I think it works.

A Happy {belated} Mothers Day to all of the mothers who read my blog...and everyone else, too!  You can still have a happy Mothers Day if you're not a mom, right?  I certainly did.  Hank and I met up with his family for lunch after church, then some of us went for a bike ride by the lake.  There's a lovely trail that follows the lake (lake Coeur d'Alene this time), twisting back and forth.  I'm pleased to say that, as out of shape as I am, I made it to the top of the hill without stopping.  Hooray for me!   Everyone else made it as well, so hooray for them, too! *grin* It was a beautiful warm day, perfect for being outside enjoying each others company and God's creation.

Did you do anything with/for your mom on Mothers Day?  I want to know!