February 24, 2014

Sunday Style // Sheepies & Plaid

o u t f i t
sheep pin // gifted
plaid scarf // made by me
aquamarine blue sweater // Chadwicks
brown corduroy skirt // Christopher & Banks
brown flats // thrifted

It snowed all day yesterday, and I was so thankful for my cozy sweater and corduroy skirt!  And especially my flannel slip and leggings underneath. *grin*  I wish I had a nice pair of boots (besides my cowgirl boots) to wear to church, because I certainly would have used them!  But since I don't, I wear my snow boots until we get to church then change to my flats.  It works.  And I love my sheep pin!  Isn't it cute?

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I was able to focus on the sermon in church yesterday, which was great because it was a really good one!  We continued in the book of John, this time focusing on how John the Baptist pointed the way to Christ.  Pastor encouraged us to pray for opportunities to point the way to Christ this week, by our words and lives.  To be bold witnesses for Him, and not to be held back by the fear of being rejected.  It's not us they're rejecting, it's Christ.  I've always had a hard time talking to people (especially strangers) about my faith because I'm a shy person.  But I pray that the Lord would give me boldness this week, His boldness!

After church I talked for a long time with some friends about sheep and farming.  If you know me in real life, then you know how excited I get when talking about anything to do with raising sheep and farming.  There was a lot of hand waving going on while we talked, mostly from me. *grin*  I ended up being late for choir practice because I was so interested in our conversation.  Totally worth it!

: :

This week, I've got jury duty to look forward to.  Yay!!  Or not.  It's exciting to take part in my country's legal system and know that I'm helping to further truth and make a difference.  But...I wish there was a way I could do that without having to actually leave my house.  Haha, am I lazy or what??  The first time I was called up for jury duty, I was chosen to serve on the jury.  It was actually a really neat experience, and I enjoyed it very much!   We'll see how it works out this time.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

What was your sermon about?
If you're old enough, have you ever been on an actual jury?
I want to know!


  1. I love your scarf :)
    Flannel slip? Wow, that has to be nice!

    I was actually tending the nursery and it's just so hard to hear the sermon through the speakers in the room, I didn't get it..Sunday School study was in Mark 8 though :)

    I got the jury letter once, pretty close after 18 I think it was. I was excited, then dreaded it. End up not having to go :P

  2. Such a nice outfit! I love our sheepy pin! :) And your hair looks just gorgeous against the fresh snow!

    Our sermon was on how we can prepare our hearts for the Lord.Very good and different since our Pastor's wife shared in serving the sermon- Assembly of God churches have a national Woman's Ministry Sunday in honor of their work- which was this Sunday!

    Jury duty would be so interesting!
    So far I have not been called up...


  3. I love your Sheep Pin and the light turquoise sweater with the brown corduroy skirt. So pretty and warm for your snowy day too.

    I have been summoned to Jury Duty once for a case of domestic violence, but was not chosen to be on the jury. It was an interesting day and experience.

    Talking about sheep farming does sound interesting to me because I am all about using that wool they produce to knit! It is such a cool process from farm to garment and so many artistic ways to use the various fibers that each breed produces. What breed do you have?

  4. I've been called, but never served on a jury. I'm so glad because I'm so judgmental I'd have a hard time being fair!
    Thanks for linking up... didn't know you love sheep! :)

  5. Very nice outfit I love the color combinations that you are wearing, what a beautiful background by the way.


  6. Jury duty next month..have fun Tasha!! And drive safe! ;) Boy, it's snowy out today!
    I loved your outfit yesterday....you always are pretty though because of our Saviour's light emanating through you!! <3

  7. Rachel - Flannel slips are wonderful!
    Ugh, I know how that goes. It was like that at the church I used to attend.
    That's what happened with this jury duty - my entire term of service was canceled, so I don't have to worry about for another 2 years. :D

    Cassie - Thank you!
    Sounds like a good sermon!
    It is very interesting. I enjoyed it very much the time I did go in. But I'm really glad that my term of service was canceled this time. It's snowing like crazy this week!

    Winnie - Jury duty is very interesting. I was glad that I was chosen for the case I was on.
    My sheep are crossbreeds. Sweet Pea is Romney/Suffolk (as are her babies Maggie and Katniss), Emma is Targhee/Suffolk/Columbia, and Ingrid is Suffolk/Romney/Dorset. Those are all larger wool breeds. I've been meaning to add a page to the blog just to share about my girls, and I think I'm going to get on that:)

    Carolyn - It depends on the situation, as to how unbiased I can be.
    Not only do I love sheep, but I raise them! It's great. :)

    Laura - Thank you! Freshly fallen snow is my favorite photoshoot background:)

    Sarah - As you've probably already seen on G+, my term of service was canceled! Yay! I don't mind serving, but especially with the weather the way it is, I'm so thankful I don't have to go. That was definitely an answered prayer!
    Thank you so much for saying that. Sarah. I'm so glad that you can see His light and love shining through me.
    Love you and miss you!

  8. I can totally understand your rejoicing (or relishing ;P) the thought of not having to fulfill jury duty after all! Especially with this terrible weather, which it truly is right now....

    <3 I'm going to miss you so much, and already do... :)

  9. Tasha, I already said this but I really liked your outfit yesterday! To me it looked very "you" what with your plaid scarf and sheep pin.:) I keep on meaning to tell you this, I love your hair down, it looks so pretty that way... So do you!

    Jury duty is something I will have to look forward to, before this year is over. Although it doesn't sound like much to look forward to from what I have heard.:)

  10. Sadly, we overslept on Sunday, so no sermon to remember and ponder on. :(

    I love your scarf. I'm a bit of a scarf-shawl person now, and I'm drawn to a nice scarf. Yours has such lovely colours.

    I've never been on a jury and frankly do not quite now how it works here. I think I'm out of the loop for living in a small town with no courts? I guess.

  11. Such a perfect outfit! You are so beautiful, my dearest friend. And your hair is epically Rupunzel-like and glorious. <3

    Jury duty - you can keep him. Though he is so very nice;D

  12. Sarah - Hehe, oh I was definitely both rejoicing and relishing the turn of events!
    Miss you so much!! <3

    Maria - Thanks! I do love wearing my hair down, especially during the winter - adds some warmth. ;)
    Jury duty isn't actually that bad. Well, depending on the case. It's quite interesting, actually!

    Hana-Marmota - It can happen to the best of us:)
    I love wearing scarfs!
    Now I'm curious to know how the court system works in your country! I'll have to look it up:)

    Kellie - Aww, shucks. Thanks, dear. :)
    lol. Okay, I'll keep him. ;)

  13. That mint color looks so beautiful against the snow! Thanks for linking up to Sunday Style…be sure to join the fun again tomorrow!
    Jenny at PlanePretty.com


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