August 20, 2013

Sunday Style // Parisian Peach

o u t f i t | stretch lace blouse // thrifted | brown tank top // thrifted {Chadwicks} | Parisian print skirt // thrifted | brown flats // thrifted | necklace // gifted

This outfit strikes me as having a vintage 20s vibe to it.  It's the dropped waist coupled with the pleated skirt, I think.  Last week two of my friends and I went thrifting.  And I really hit the jackpot this time, the lace blouse and brown tank being two of my many finds.  Most of the stores we shopped were having sales, too. Thrifting is already awesome, but when everything is also on sale??  Totes awesome!!

: :

I'm bringing home another critter this week!  Any guesses as to what kind of animal my new friend is?
Happy Trails!

here's a hint for you: it doesn't have hooves.

August 18, 2013

Miscellany // Horse Aspirin

Mission accomplished! Just finished re-bandaging Dewey's leg and everything is looking good so far.  Oh yes, Friday night my bro's silly horse went and got a very bad cut on his right hind leg. Ahaha - "cut" doesn't even begin to accurately describe the extreme laceration. There was blood everywhere. I don't do blood. It took the vet 2 hours to patch him up, and since she wasn't able to get to our place until 10:00 PM, that was around midnight.  Alex entertained us with jokes....because, he's Alex. ;) I was very brave and watched some of the stitching. Yes, from between my fingers, but I did watch! As of tonight, the swelling has gone down a lot, the wound looks like it's going to heal well, and he's putting full weight on that leg.  Thank you Lord for giving me strength - wounds and first aid are not my forte whatsoever.  But, if I can handle what it looked like before the vet arrived, I can certainly handle changing a bandage.  And, I did.  Besides the bandage, Dewey is on antibiotics ("It's the only thing! The only thing that will save you!";) for the next few days and Bute (horse Aspirin) for the pain.  Playing vet is fun for a while, but I can't wait till Dewey is all better.

Oh, and my bro got a lot of footage of the vet fixing Dewey up, so if you're so inclined, you'll be able to watch that on his YouTube channel at some point.  I'm sure you're all as breathlessly awaiting the video as I am...not! ;)

In other news, I now have all of the hay I'll need for the sheep over the winter safely stored under shelter.  Last week I brought home the most beautiful 2nd cutting alfalfa hay you've ever seen!  It's so beautiful and smells so good, I could almost eat it myself.

I'm listening to the Elizabethtown soundtrack.  I love that movie so's so wonderfully weird and awesome.

Saturday, we began fencing a new 1.2 acre pasture for the sheep.  My bro and our friend Christopher pounded t-posts (I think they did about 50) while my dad and I used the auger on the tractor to drill holes and install wooden gate posts and corner posts.  I had way to much fun operating the tractor - raising and lowering the auger, operating the clutch and PTO.  SO much fun!!  And it's going to be so nice having more space for my expanding flock!

Looking forward to helping with the Bible Bee at our church next week.  The lure of pizza and banana splits was too tempting. ;)  I get to operate a scanner.  Hooray!!  Not really sure what that entails, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it.

Today, I applied to work at our local theme park, Silverwood.  It's literally only 3 1/2 miles from our house (which used to seem really weird, driving out in the country and suddenly "rollercoasters!"), and according my friend Laura who works there, are desperate for more employees right now.  They're only open for 3 more weeks (rollercoasters and cold weather aren't really compatible), so I thought "why not?"  So, I'll let you know how that turns out.

And right now, I'm going to go to bed.  More fencing tomorrow...en garde!

Happy Trails!!

August 5, 2013

Sunday Style // Sundae

o u t f i t
floral blouse // refashioned by me {it began life as a thrifted jumper}
green linen skirt // made by me
brown flats // thrifted
necklace // stolen borrowed from my mom

I already loved this outfit, but after getting a lot of compliments at church yesterday, I'll definitely be wearing it again.  Must have done something right!  *smile*  Kellie says it looks like something Elinor Dashwood would wear, and I have to agree.  I love the soft colors, vintage vibes, texture...just, everything.  And the fact that I finally discovered what that thrift store jumper wanted me to refashion it as!  I love the print so much, and the fabric is so soft.  Thanks and much love to Kellie for taking the pictures:)

Yesterday's sermon gave me much to ponder and puzzle over.  It was on church membership.  I've never, ever been an official, verified member of a church.  My family just hasn't ever done that.   I personally didn't agree 100% with our pastor's interpretation of the scriptures he used to back up his message.  Membership to me, makes a church sound like a 4-H or Cub Scouts or something.  Just hearing the word makes church seem cheap.  Just another place you go to hang out or something.  A church isn't a's not even the building - it's the people, the body of Christ.
Pastor Peabody did make some several good points, one of which was that church membership makes it possible to verify that you are a saved Christian for teaching/ministry purposes within the church.  I can totally understand that you wouldn't want just anybody teaching a Sunday School class.  But...I still don't agree with the basic idea of church membership, and after pondering the scriptures we read yesterday, my opinion/interpretation still stands.  We verify our salvation by publicly confessing our faith and being baptized.  Not like I'm an expert or anything, but that's what I got from it.  And if you're a member of a church, I certainly don't look down on you.  I mean, that's your decision to make!  This is just my thoughts on church membership.

It was the perfect Sunday...but then, it's hard to ruin a potluck Sunday.  Unless you get in line and there's no food left.  That's always a bummer.  But food aside, the sweet fellowship with friends and hymn singing is incomparable.  There's nowhere else I'd rather's like eating a chocolate sundae.  Sooo delicious.  And the spontaneous hang out in the parking lot was the cherry on top.  Just sayin'.

How was your Sunday?  Did you do anything special?  I want to know!