101 Things

...to do, Lord willing, before I kick the bucket
  1. Visit Scotland.
  2. Learn to Highland dance.
  3. Learn to converse fluently in German.
  4. Complete all of my unfinished sewing projects, including my medieval dress.
  5. Sing/play before an audience without dying a thousand deaths beforehand.  I think I can finally check this off...I'm certainly improving!
  6. Learn to use my spinning wheel and crochet a tam out of wool from my sheep.
  7. Tap dance on top of a desk while singing.
  8. Visit my extended family in Austria.
  9. Learn to swing dance. Finally!
  10. Get a Border Collie. 
  11. Go on an over night trail ride.
  12. Visit every state in the US.
  13. Take a trip to Prince Edward Island.
  14. Attend a Regency Ball.
  15. Drive Route 66.  
  16. Crash a party.  Does a wedding count?  Oh, yeah!
  17. Name a dog "Happy".
  18. Grow my hair out until it's long enough to wrap all the way around my head in a braid.
  19. Meet and marry my farm boy.  Did just that on October 4, 2014!
  20. Finish reading War and Peace.
  21. Attend a ball and dance the night away.  Does a contra dance count?  I think yes.
  22. Slap someone across the face.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Don't worry, they'll deserve it if I do that;)
  23. Learn to drive manually without stalling or tearing up the road.  Still needs some work...
  24. Learn how to jump start a car.
  25. Learn how to change a car tire.  Not too hard at all, except for the initial loosening of the nuts.
  26. Learn how to drive the tractor.  Yeehaw!  So much fun!!
  27. Finish reading Les Miserables.
  28. Start checking some things off on this list!  At last!  Seven things crossed out!!
  29. Go on a missions trip to Belize with my church.
  30. Be a mom.  Ivy Rose was born November 14, 2015!
  31. Teach Ivy to ride horseback.