April 30, 2010

Patterns, patterns, patterns...

There are so many things I want to sew.  Sew many...er, so many delightful patterns out there.   I spent two hours at Hancock Fabrics yesterday - my mom and dad dropped me off on the way to a doctors appointment - and I looked through every single pattern catalog from front to back.  There were so many sweet patterns, I just had to share them with you...
I LOVE the Vintage Vogue section!
V1044  I absolutely adore this dress!  The hat and gloves just make it.
B5315  I thought this dress was sweet, and practical enough for everyday use.
B5041  This skirt looks so nice and full, and the waist band is neat.
And of course, there are always more retro apron patterns to try...
You simply must see this apron, view A!  I couldn't save the picture, so click here.
I love hats:)
V8840 The newsboy cap is so cute - I really must make one.  The cloche style is cute, too.
V8052  Aren't these hats simply delicious?!
Well, that's all for now folks!
P.S. I didn't buy even one pattern - I managed to go in and come out with only the items that I needed in the first place.  Amazing.
P.S.S. I think I just might have to get V1044 - it's too sweet!

April 16, 2010

Sweet Pea's Lambs

We now have 6 little lambs running around in the "nursery"!
Sweet Pea lambed at around 11 o'clock on Tuesday night.
Baby girl
Baby boy - aka Squirt.  Squirt is about half the size of his sister, and is our only ram lamb this year.
Napping in the sunshine - you can see how small Squirt (on the right) is compared to his sister.
Rubber banding one of Esther's lamb's tails.
I'm planning on keeping Lady Jane's lambs for breeding.
Cora and Rowena with Bonnie - Bonnie can't quite figure out why they don't want to play with her:)
Rowena (laying down) and Cora.
Esther's lambs, still no names - I'm still a trifle concerned about them.  They just aren't gaining weight like they should and they're a bit lethargic too.  I gave them an electrolyte drink with the syringe and they seemed to perk up a bit, so maybe that's all they needed.
I'm so thankful that lambing season it finally over.  Now maybe I can get some sleep;)
Happy Trails!

April 10, 2010

More Girls!

This morning Esther gave birth to two beautiful ewe lambs! 
Unfortunately, like all of Esther's lambs, they had White Muscles Disease (aka selenium deficiency).  We gave them both a shot of selenium, but they're still pretty weak, although they're doing much better thanks to syringe feeding, heat lamps, and some moral support from the neighbors across the creek (the Murdocks).
Please pray that the lambs will continue to grow stronger, get enough to eat, that they will be warm tonight, and that God will give me the strength keep going.
A few pictures...
That's all for now folks - I've been waking up at all hours of the night for the past three nights to check on Esther, and I have a long, late night ahead of me, and my eyes are just about falling shut, so I need to lay down for a bit before I have to go outside again.
Happy Trails!:)

April 4, 2010

More lamb pictures...

Twin #1
Twin #1 again
Twin #2
Hey there! (Twin #1)
Twin #2
Twin #2
Happy Trails y'all!

Easter lambs!

This evening when I went out to feed the animals, I found two little newborn lambs waiting for me...
Sweet little lambs

Thank you Lord for giving me two live, healthy lambs!

I'm going to go check on them again...I love my lambs:)

Happy Trails, y'all!