January 31, 2014

Winter Once Again

Sometimes, I get tired of the snow because the only time I'm out in it is when I'm doing chores.  The snow does make those about twice as difficult to accomplish, and I forget how beautiful the snow is.  That's when I grab Jack and the Bonnie dog and go for a walk.  With a fresh blanket of snow covering everything, it's a magical new world out there.  Want to come with me?

Did you enjoy our walk?  I did. *smile*


  1. Owl City! The beautiful snow! Your amazing photography! This post made me so happy:)

  2. Yes...I did! ;) I have to say, your different views are comparable in some ways to ours....except that we overlook a valley..but then you have the pond.. ;)

  3. Soooo pretty! I wish we got snow.

  4. Thank-you Tasha for the beautiful walk in the snow. People like me down here in Florida must enjoy it vicariously through your lens. You did an awesome job of capturing so many beautiful sites. I remember snowy landscapes from my youth in Virginia and there is something so peaceful amidst the quiet and white! Your sweet Bonnie girl says it all as she bounds in the snowy drive just because she can!

  5. I love Owl City!! Owl City is awesome :). And lovely picts by the way.


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