February 3, 2014

Bowling, anyone?

Christopher, Alex, and I spontaneously decided to go bowling last Saturday.  I think the last time I was bowling was about ten years ago...wow.  Now I feel old.  What is it about rolling a large, heavy, round object and trying to knock things down that is so much fun?!  Hopefully, we can get some of our other friends to go with us next time.  Our little group was great, but the more the merrier, I say!

Oh, and I got one strike!  I was happy. *smile*

How about you?  Have you ever been bowling?  Do you enjoy it?  I want to know!

I did not realize how small my feet were compared to the guy's until I say this picture...
It's almost creepy.


  1. I've only ever been bowling twice in my life. I'm a bad shot at throwing anything. As long as I gave the ball a light toss I was alright. I did send it bouncing down the ally a couple of times, and felt really stupid :) I did have a lot of fun though.

  2. Hello Natasha! I have just discovered your blog and by reading through your book and movie list we have a lot in common! Can't wait to read more posts! Oh and I love bowling although I haven't been in long time. Would love it if you would check out and follow my blog at

    In Christ,

  3. Aw... I love this and I love you guys! We have to go again soon... this looks so absolutely perfect.
    Hehe - your feet:D

  4. I never go bowling precisely because I am horrible at it! Really. Me and managing a ball trying to do anything is pretty much a bust. Glad you had fun and who knows, one strike might end up being the start of a new talent!

  5. Goodness you all got some perfect pictures! I love your hair- so pretty!:)

    I loved your last three posts by the way! Just never got around to commenting.The new picture for your header is oh so lovely! And thanks so much for sending us Maria's way! We loved her blog over here!

    I love bowling! I have not went for a few years either! So much fun!


  6. I can just hear the drama in that 5th from bottom picture.:) love it! Isn't it sad when that happens though? Good job on getting a strike!

    I LOVE bowling. The only thing I don't really like is the allies always seem to play obnoxious music at a deafening volume.

  7. Haha! The feet picture is very funny. Looks like you had fun! :) I actually just went a few weeks ago to the same place..I enjoy it. Got 2nd place in a bowling tournament many moons ago..looking back, it must have been sheer luck that day ;)

  8. I'll go with you next time! I love bowling. I'm terrible at it. But I like it anyway :). Looks like you had fun.


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