March 1, 2014

Photo a Day // February // Week Four

O N E | I made Idaho Baked Potato Soup the other day.  It was, in a word, DELICIOUS!!  It's hard to beat potatoes and bacon.  So, so yummy!  I'll have to share the recipe with you all.

T W O | I began cleaning out the closet under the stairs, and discovered some toys which haven't seen the light of day in years.  My mom found this cardboard castle (which folds flat for storage) at a thrift store years ago.  Many a Playmobil battle has been waged within and without these walls.

T H R E E | Discovery of our Brio Thomas the Tank Engine train set had me and my bro down on the floor, setting up track, and pushing our trains along.  Bonnie was amused by the trains rolling down the bridge towards her. *grin*

F O U R | A quiet afternoon spent in Kellie's bus.

F I V E | Deer on the driveway.  Not an uncommon sight, but it still thrills me.

S I X | Alex and his quesadilla "bunting". ;)

: :

Seems like I did a lot of driving this week.  Between going to the library, visiting Dinah Raye and Roger, visiting Kellie, Bible study, crochet day with Jenny and Heather, a swing dance, and taking Bonnie to the vet for her shots, I've been a busy little bee.  I really don't like to be busy, so it was a relief to have nothing planned for yesterday or today.  Just some reading and cleaning.  I like it that way. *smile*

What did you do this week?  I want to know!


  1. I love the one of your crocheting - beautiful! And Alex's bunting is the best thing ever - adorable, and making my mouth water. Hehe:)

  2. Ooo, the soup sounds divine! Bek had bacon on her ice-cream last night and flinched when I sat down next to her- I guess it was good! :)

    Playmobile...that we love!
    I can totally see my bro still wanting to set up train tracks in ten years!

    The solitude of Kellie's bus must be wonderful!


  3. I really like the one of you crocheting... Something about that color green against your skirt looks so bright, fresh and cheery!:) I know, we see deer and elk all the time but it never loses it "thrill" for me.

    What, how, did Alex make that bunting???

  4. Smiles for all... ;)
    Oh, the memories we have with train tracks, cardboard boxes, and play mobile...and lincoln logs... weren't the '90s the best?!

    You really did have a busy week!! Wow!
    Love and miss you sis!

  5. Tasha, I love your photo week with all of it's diversity. The one of the deer in the driveway is just so beautiful. The poor things are having to forage everywhere for something to eat.

    Your Spring green hat is THE BEST ever for getting in the mood for Spring! I have been wearing mine a lot lately and I always get compliments. The style goes with a dress up or dress down look. It goes especially well with my embroidered denim jacket I bought from Kellie's shop. You know what the best part is??? It is like wearing friendship every time I put them on. Beautifully handcrafted by north Idaho talent. You just can't beat that for perfection!!

  6. We were quite busy this week too! But next week is going to be a LOT busier! You absolutely must share that soup recipe! It sounds delish!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

    (P.S. I just started following your blog recently, I found you through Kellie Falconer's blog, and I'm really enjoying your posts!)

  7. Hi Natasha:

    Is wildlife (no matter the species) that you see on your property protected? It seems to me that they sense they are safe there and would not enter otherwise. Can you please elaborate about this? Your photos of the scenery in your area are really beautiful. You should work towards scenic photography as your occupation.

    Sincerely, Will

  8. Kellie - That's probably my favorite, too:)

    Cassie - Hehe! I haven't tried bacon on ice cream, but it actually sounds good. I mean, bacon makes everything better, right?!
    I love working in Kellie's bus:)

    Maria - I love the contrast of the green and denim, too!
    He used a pizza cutter to slice his quesadilla, but didn't cut all the way through the outer edge. Pretty cool;)

    Sarah - You, the 90s were a great time to grow up in! The toys were awesome...still are. ;)
    Miss you so much! I'm enjoying your blogs posts:)

    Winnie - The deer seem to do alright during the winter. They have the God given instinct for foraging:)
    That's what I love about handmade accessories - it is like wearing friendship!! :D

    Brigid - Welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by and said hello! Thanks for following:) I'm definitely going to share the soup recipe - it's soooo yummy!

    Will - Not technically, except when it's not hunting season. We don't personally do much hunting, and never have on our property. I think the deer and other animals do feel safe here, which I love.
    I do love taking pictures - thanks for the encouragement! :)

  9. Alex's bunting made me giggle!

    Love the green yarn in your crochet project. My sister crocheted me a bird with pretty much the same color. :)


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