June 27, 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday | Doctor Who {vol. 3}

Hello everyone!  Wednesday always manages to creep up on me when I'm not expecting it...and when only about 3/4 of the wallpapers I wanted to share are completely finished.  Oh well, all the more for the next week:)

Today we'll begin with John Smith from the two part-er episodes Human Nature and Family of Blood from Season 3.

I can't take credit for the text on this one - I found that quote on Pinterest and just had to use it:)

I have mixed feelings on these episodes.  On the one hand, John Smith was absolutely adorable and his romance with Joan Redfern was so sweet.   BUT...it seriously freaked me out when John Smith didn't want to go back to being The Doctor.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who was freaked out about that!

{in case you're not a Whovian and you're wondering, The Doctor became human (John Smith) for these two episodes in order to evade some aliens.  Time Lords can do that, you know.}

And yes, I sobbed when John Smith was trying to decide whether to forget Joan and go back to being The Doctor or to stay with her forever.  That dream-y sequence where he imagines their life together broke my heart.


Okay, now one of my favorite scenes from The Girl in the Fireplace from Season 2.  LOVED the horse on the spaceship=)

"Stop following me!  I'm not your mummy!"


And now on to Season 4...

Catherine Tate as Donna Noble

I believe I said this before, but I love David Tennant and Catherine Tate together.
They are so funny!!

Thank you, Doctor Who.  Now I know what really happened at Pompeii. ;)



And that's all for this week.

- as usual, all images link to their full sized wallpaper images and are also available on the For You page -

There are so many wonderful scenes and quotes I want to create wallpapers for, but I just can't get to all of them.  So, what are some of your favorite Doctor moments that you'd like to see as wallpapers?

In other news, I've decided to take a week off from blogging and from the computer in general (except for my Etsy shop) next week.  Which means the last week of the Doctor Who wallpaper series will be the week after next week.  That should give me plenty of time to get all of the wallpapers ready...in theory;)

So Happy Trails y'all and have a fabulous Wednesday!


  1. I had nearly forgotten about that episode series (hence why I asked you about it on pinterest)...it was one of my favorites, though! I really must go back and rewatch all my favorite episodes...(: which means rewatch just about all of the episodes.(;

    Anyway!! Lovely choices! You picked some of my very favorite moments! And that reminds me...how about doing an "Allons-y, Alonso!" wallpaper? I do love that scene...during that episode I frequently switched between sobbing to giggles, hehe. Then there's also the scene where he explains the meani of Allons-y...(:



    I loved John Smith. I really did. He was so adorable and awkward (that first kiss...SNIFF!) and totally unlike the Doctor, it was sooooo adorable. Kind of like Clark Kent vs. Superman. It completely broke my heart (the baby scene. Choking on tears every time. Gahhhhhhhhh...). I guess I wasn't freaked out because I knew that he would have to eventually become the Doctor again, but I was just too wrapped up in the "Poor John Smith!!!!" emotions. Definitely my favorite episode ever, I think.

    Loved the wallpapers...Astrid, Donna...and that line. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    Sigh, obsession is a lovely thing. I've descended into the depths, I'm afraid...I've actually...gasp...



    There, got that out. :-D But yeah. So I guess that classifies me as a bona-fide geek. :-P

    As for favorite scenes...oooh! Must think about it and get back with you. :)

  3. A week off from the computer seems like a good thing! Not sure how well I would do because my work demands LOTS of computer work. BUT, next week, I will be in France for 16 days so that will be a self imposed break from it all!Each for different reasons, I wonder how well we will do??

    I think I am already homesick for my routine check in to Day by Day!

  4. These pretty much made my day, especially the last one (his facial expression is just too amazing)! Brilliant <3

    You should make a "name, rank, and intention" one (I'm sure you know of which I speak..."The Doctor; Doctor; Fun"), or one with him accidentally quoting the Lion King....

    ~Nessima of Arda Nessimava

  5. Okay, first of all, I absolutely adored "Human Nature" and "Family of Blood." The vision, where they foresaw their possible future and the family they could have had, broke my heart into tiny wittle pieces. I have to agree with Alexandra - John was adorable, as was his "first kiss." Awwww, that scene gets me every time. I explained "Human Nature" and "Family of Blood" to my sister by saying "it was a mixture of Doctor Who, Random Harvest, and Goodbye Mr. Chips." Haha. (I've never actually seen all of Goodbye Mr. Chips, just clips of it.)

    Donna is absolutely fantastic. I think she's my favorite companion after Rose. I loved her friendship with the Doctor.

    Hmmmm... favorite Doctor Who moments... One of my favorite Doctor Who moments is the scene in the episode with Agatha Christie where the Doctor is "playing charades" after he's been poisoned. Absolutely. Hilarious. Loved it to death - still one of my favorite scenes ever.

    Lovely wallpapers! And enjoy your week off from the computer. ;)

  6. Vicki - I know, I totally need to go back and re-watch all the seasons. So many amazing episodes!
    Okay, I think I can handle those requests, especially as those are two of my favorite scenes ever;)

    Alexandra - Poor John Smith:( And it's the one thing that the Doctor can never have - a normal life. I think it's his loneliness that makes me cry the most.

    Ooh, fan videos?? You're a goner for sure;D

    Winnie - Well, I won't be completely off the computer. Just not posting on my blog.
    Ooh! France!! That sounds wonderful=)

    Nessima - *grin* I'm so glad you like them=)
    Definitely! Name, rank and intention is a must!
    Okay, the Lion King quote. Love that part;)

    GreenMedallion - Yes, taht scene absolutely broke my heart! I love John's first kiss!! That's an excellent way to explain both of those episodes!

    Yes, after Rose, Donna is my favorite. She's so funny and wonderful:)

    Haha, I LOVE that scene from the Agatha Christie episode!! Will do=)

    Thank you:)

  7. Ha. I spent the entire two weeks pondering what scene should be done.

    And I couldn't think of any one in particular. They're all too awesome.

    So whatever you come up with tomorrow, I'm sure I'll be happy. :-D


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