June 30, 2012

The Most Epic Photoshoot in History

It was epic.
It was fun, crazy, and extremely tiring, too.
But mostly epic...and fun...and crazy:)

We got ready.

And skyped with Winnie!  That was so awesome!! =D

Then we loaded up the faithful, old Suburban to the absolute max...and then some.
It seats eight and we were eight, but two seats were filled up with stuff.
Yeah, that was one stuffed car.

On our way - our destination, Farragut State Park.

All car rides with us involve lots of singing and laughing.

When we've reached the 'point of no return' silliness level, Kellie and I sing this song...

Um, yes.  That's what we sing, with terrible attempts at Hispanic accents.
Hehe - what can I say?  Kellie and I have been best friends since she was 10 and I was 13. :)

Upon arrival, we unloaded the car, calmed down (sorta), and set up our photoshoot props.
We brought about twice as many as we needed, but better safe than sorry.  Now we know for next time.

I'm trying not to covet Kellie's wonderful Algy...but he's too fantastic:D

My brother's recently published children's book The Adventures of Rathdrum Willie and His Motor Car.

Stay tuned for more info and a giveaway later this month=)

And speaking of my brother...

The jury is still out on how Aubrey got into this predicament, but we sure enjoyed it:D

Beautiful Kellie...

Lovely Emily...

We brought a portable dressing room along with us which worked out splendidly...
But it took us at least 30 min. to get it folded up and put back in it's carrying case!
And no, we're not just dense - it's like one of the fold up car window shades...only worse.

We took a walk down to the lake after everything was packed back into the car.

On the way home, feeling happy and tired, we rolled the windows down, did some more singing, waved and shouted at passing bicyclists, and drove all the way around the traffic circle while yelling and laughing.
It's a beautiful, big traffic circle and there was no one there to see us, anyway;)

Yep, it was epic and fun and crazy, but mostly it was wonderful.

Happy Trails, y'all!


  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun. I wish I could have been there.


  2. AHHHHH!!! That looked like wayyyyy too much fun. Wayyy too much!!! How awesome!

  3. I think you all had a little to much fun. ;) hee hee!

    Anyways, I can definatnly (jeez, I can never spell that word right...) tell that it was the most epic photoshoot. Everything is so pretty!

  4. It's good to see all of you having a great time! Do you go to a special place at Farragut?

  5. Beautiful pictures! It looks like you all had a blast. Thanks for showing.

  6. Hehe... perfect, dear;) Love how you captured all the best moments in your story<3

    "Once there was a great magi-i-ician..."


  7. Tasha~~You always do a wonderful virtual tour of events and I, for one, loved seeing all of the fun from beginning to end! The photo journey feels like I too am riding along in the car somewhere in the middle of all of the fun and excitement. It was an Epic Day from planning to execution but also an amazingly creative and beautiful Etsy Shop new line launch! Farragut State Park is one beautiful setting and perfect for the work you were doing! Thanks for sharing!

  8. It looks like you had a blast!!! I love the pictures! Oh, where oh where did you get that beautiful pink chair?! Thanks for sharing, I love your blog!

  9. Hey, Natasha, you looked like you had SUCH fun! Your blog is so fun...

    I awarded you the Fabulous Blog Ribbon, you can pick it up and get the details at http://teresadelallo.blogspot.com/ Thanks! :)

  10. Kimberly - I wish all of my wonderful bloggy friends could get together for a bit movie/photoshoot event. That would be amazing!

    Alexandra - Definitely way too much fun;D And very awesome, indeed.

    Sereina - lol. I think I did, too:D
    I always have trouble with that word, too. And yes, totally epic!

    Mr. Dane - Yes, our special place at Farragut is by the big tree in the pictures. We've been climbing that tree and enjoying it's shade for years and years:)

    GreenMedallion - We did have a blast! =)

    Kellie - I'm glad you approve! *grin*
    "He cut his helper right in two!"

    Winnie - I'm delighted you enjoyed the virtual tour of our epic photoshoot!

    Emily - I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures and my blog:) The beautiful pink chair belongs to my friend Emily, and I'm not sure where she got it. It's perfect, isn't it?!

    Treskie - We did have tons of fun, and I'm so glad you enjoy my blog:D
    Thank you ever so much for the award! I'll be by to claim it soon:)

  11. You lot always have so much fun! ;-)

    Your crocheted bunting is charming, m'dear. In fact, it's inspired me to make my own! :-D

    How cool that your brother got something published! Looks like a fun book.

    Here's something else you might enjoy at the "point of no return silliness" :



    God bless,

  12. Tom - We do, indeed;)

    Thank you! Oh, I'd love to see your bunting when you've made it! I'm sure it will be just lovely:)

    Yes! It is a very fun book and I'm so proud of my 'little' bro:D

    LOL!! Now THERE'S a song!! ;D

  13. It'll probably be a while before I even start on my bunting--need to finish Mom's afghan first! *Innocent whistle*

    Hee! Methought you'd like The Llama Song. We once knew a family who had it as their answering machine announcement--crazy! :-D



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