June 12, 2012

On the Farm | garden & horses

Heading out to the garden...

Confession:  I don't like tomatoes

But, I do LOVE salsa and fried green tomatoes, so I always plant a lot.  Besides, a garden without tomatoes seems wrong somehow, doesn't it?  And they do smell wonderful.

My garden kitty, Mitts.  Wherever we are, that's where he wants to be:)

Jalapeno peppers are a must.

I also have radishes and beets planted, but they haven't popped up yet.
And soon I'll be planting beans, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, spinach, and potatoes.

All of the rain we've been getting has put a damper (no pun intended;) on planting for now, but I'm going to plant a few things as soon as I finish this post...or not.  It's starting to rain again.


Fence energizer, polywire, step-in posts...oh, you beautiful things, you!

It's been wonderful having the horses graze in the orchard.  
Once we have fruit on the trees though, they won't be - don't want them eating it!

Reading in the orchard is one of my favorite things to do.
I'm just starting to read the Mitford series by Jan Karon.

Happy Trails!


  1. Tasha- wow you have been busy on the farm!!! Love your garden start and plans too. Me? My tomatoes are ripening and this weekend I plan to make salsa. Yum!! And your fencing for the horses is just the ticket for access to that great grass for a limited time. Green apples=colic??? Shudder !!! Ahhh, the Mitford series--- totally wonderful and the Perfect summer reading material in my opinion!!! Enjoy!!! And let us know how you like them!!

  2. That sounds like a lovely way to relax. :) I used to do that too when I had my pony. I would go out into the pasture with one of my good books, sit under a tree while the pony grazed nearby.

  3. Beautiful photos Natasha. Those of Mitts & the horses are truly so nice. Your garden is coming along and am sending wishes for a big harvest.

    When I was a boy--probably 10 or 11--I recall my Mom taking me and my 2 younger sisters to the Portuguese Bend area on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. As we approached Pt. Fermin, we stopped to by tomatoes that had just been picked in a nearby field. It was a roadside produce stand. They were vine-ripened and warm by the sun and their flavor was incredible. It's one of the tastes I have never forgotten and have enjoyed it again and again with home gardens over the years.

  4. Your garden is looking lovely! Ours is...not. It's so dry here that, even with watering every day, the plants just shriveled up and died. Or didn't come up at all. :(

    Oh, your horses are beautiful! (I love that first picture!) I miss being around horses.

    How's the Mitford series? I've heard a lot about it and see the books all the time, but haven't read any of them.

    I'm just a little jealous of you--reading in the pasture with your horses. ;)

  5. Oh so lovely! I spent yesterday's sunshine at the S's house, planting 10,000 potato plants. It was beautiful, but what I wouldn't give to have spent it with you in the pasture! Bliss.

    That picture with your book, and Bonnie, and Bobby, is simply ethereal. Does life get any more beautiful?

    Perhaps. But for now, it's pretty close to perfection.

    Love you,

  6. Hi Natasha,

    I have a question about the fencing materials you used to allow the horses to graze in the orchard. Are they for horses specifically or can they be used for other large quadrupeds, such as cows or your llamas?

    Thank you,


  7. Winnie - I can't even imagine already having ripe tomatoes this time of year! There is something to be said for warmer climates.
    Too many apples can also cause colic. Actually, too much of anything could cause a horse to colic. Also, horses shouldn't have apple seeds or cherry pits.
    Yes, I will definitely let you know how I like Mitford!

    Nela - It's the best spot in the world for spring and summer reading:)

    Mr. Dane - Thank you!
    Those are wonderful memories with your mom and sisters! I can imagine how wonderful those sun-warmed tomatoes smelled!

    Mary Beth - That's too bad that your garden isn't doing well:( If I could, I'd send some rain your way - we've got plenty here!
    Thank you, I think they're rather beautiful myself;)
    I'm not very far into the first book, but so far I'm enjoying them. I'll review them here when I'm done.

    Kellie - I wish you could have been reading in the pasture with me, too=)
    Nope, I don't think life gets anymore beautiful than soft green grass, a good book, a faithful dog, and horses:)
    Love you back:)

    Mr. Dane - The step-in posts can be used for a variety of animals, including horses, cows, llamas, etc. I'm not so sure of the polywire. I think it would work well for llamas because they respect fences pretty well, but I think the standard wire electric fence would work best for cows. I'm not very knowledgeable about cows though, so I could be wrong.
    You're welcome:)


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