June 13, 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday | Doctor Who {vol. 1}

As my friend Kellie predicted, vast quantities of Doctor Who wallpaper are about to descend in force...she knows me well, Kellie does. ;)

We'll start off with the Doctor's ninth regeneration, portrayed by Christopher Eccleston.

I love my first Doctor.  
He was absolutely fantastic and he introduced me to this wonderful series.

He reminds me of Fred Astaire, in that he's not exactly good looking (not exactly ugly, either), but he's charming.   So charming.  And you just can't help but love him.  I was quite distressed when Nine regenerated...until I saw Ten.

David Tennant
makes the BEST facial expressions EVER
has great hair...great hair
amazing eyebrows
beautiful smile
and wears Converse sneakers.
He is absolutely adorable in every way.

And David Tennant has a simply heavenly Scottish accent in real life.
*double swoon*
I could listen to him talk all day...and I may or may not have watched his video diaries multiple times just so I could listen to him talk.  Ahem, yes...moving on.

"Fingers on lips!!!"

And where would The Doctor be without Rose Tyler?

Rose is my favorite companion.  She's a wonderful heroine - compassionate, strong, loyal, the defender of the Earth.

Ah, Ten and Rose...

I love them together.  And I sob just thinking about their goodbye at the end of Season 2.
These characters have an amazing grip on me emotionally.  I've never, ever been this attached to fictional characters before...and since I fall in love with fictional characters all the time, that's saying something.

Rose: I... I love you.
The Doctor: Quite right too.  And I suppose... if it's my last chance to say it... Rose Tyler... *fades out*

It's just too wonderfully, beautifully tragic...and here I am sobbing again.
*me sobbing*


I'm looking forward to their reunion at the end of Season 4...that is, if I survive waiting for the second half to come in at the library...which is doubtful, very doubtful.
But here's a Journey's End wallpaper anyway...:)

And this post wouldn't be complete without the TARDIS...

- all pictures link to their full sized images and are also available on the For You page -

Next time on Wallpaper Wednesday get ready for Doctor Who {vol. 2}
which will include...
Martha Jones
Donna Noble
and maybe a few more of Ten;)

Any other character suggestions from my fellow Whovians?

Happy Trails!


  1. Love, love, love these wall papers! Especially the 9th Doctor ones, he is by far my favorite Doctor, mostly because the chemistry between him and Rose was amazing! =)

  2. Oh happy dayyyyyyy....

    and happy daaaaance....

    Yeah, you made my day. That about sums it up.


    The first "Ten" wallpaper...puuuuuurty much sums it all up.

    "I am the Doctor...and yes, I am adorable."

    Um, *yeah*. Duhhhhh. :-D

    Your whole David Tennant list was rrrrrright down the line. I'm totally giggling away on this end. And if I were to actually COUNT the number of times I've watched the Video Diaries...ahemmm. That might be embarassing. :-P

    Ohhhh...there's a lot of Doctor Who pics at david-tennant.org. Don't know if you knew about it all ready...just discovered it yesterday. Heheheheeeee. Anyway. In case you need more. :-P

    The Rose Tyler ones are gorgeous!!! And the Doomsday and Journey's End!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!! So lovely. Isn't it AMAZING how emotionally attached to everyone you get? I have *never* had this happen before. Just goes to show what a great show it is, I guess.

    Totally spazzing out here. Loving, loving, loving it. Can't wait for next week!!!!

    Hmmmm....character suggestions...John Smith? :-P Oh, and Astrid Perth...I really really liked her. Sniff. :( You know, Ten really gets a rotten deal in life...I was just thinking today how he never really gets a moment to be really happy before it gets pulled out under his feet - even as John Smith. Ha! Sniff.

  3. Oh, and a few more of Ten would always be welcome. *Cough, cough...*

  4. I really should start watching that show. I'm a sucker for a guy with a Scottish accent. :)

  5. I love every one of these...I should probably set my computer to rotate all of these as wallpapers... :P
    Haha, Nine reminded me of Fred Astaire as well! No swoon-worthy good looks, but his character definitely makes him swoon-worthy. I nearly died when he regenerated...*wipes tear* And then came Ten. :D Definitely adorable!
    I'd love to see wallpapers of the doctor and so,e other companions, like Donna or Martha! Though Rose is, of course, my favorite!


  6. I actually just started watching Doctor Who. ;)

  7. QUOTE: Rose: I... I love you.
    The Doctor: Quite right too. And I suppose... if it's my last chance to say it... Rose Tyler...
    *fades out*

    That episode must be incredible; that line has been haunting me nearly all day...and I haven't even seen it!
    Gah. :-P

    As always, amazing job on the wallpapers, Dahling!

    God bless,

  8. Katy Sue - I'm so glad you like them:) Yes! Loved Nine and Rose together!! So, so cute=)

    Alexandra - Hehe, I think she likes them;D

    It made my day that I made yours. *grin*

    Yep, I pretty much love the first one of Ten. Probably my favorite out of them all.

    Someday, we'll have to get together and watch the video diaries...and all of Season 2, too:D

    Ooh, totally checking out david-tennant.org!! I had not discovered that yet, so thanks for the tip. I can always use more pics=)

    I KNOW!! I can't believe how attached I am to each and every character in DW. It's an amazing show with brilliant actors and screenwriters. Just love it.

    Defintiely some of John Smith and some of Astrid, too. I really really liked her, too! I was so sad when she "died". :'(
    You're so right - Ten did get a rotten deal in life. Poor guy. I just want to give him a big hug and say it will all be alright in the end...I hope;)

    Hehe, a few more of Ten coming right up;D

    Treskie - It's an AMAZING show!!

    Vicki - Oh, I like the idea of setting your computer to rotate the wallpapers. Then you can have them all=D
    Wonderful, wonderful Rose...yep, definitely some of Martha and Donna.

    Mary Beth - Yay!! Another Whovian in the making, I hope! Welcome to the club=D

    Wild Rose - It is an incredible episode! So incredible. So moving. So sad. :'( But wonderful. Those lines are indeed haunting.
    So glad you liked them:D

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments! I'm so glad you all enjoyed the Doctor Who wallpaper:)

  9. Can I just say that you're pretty much a perfect person? Haha. I was looking over your Pinterest and I was like "Oh my word! She loves everything I love!" Seriously though, everything from Star Wars, to Lord of the Rings, to Jane Austen movies, and finally to my newest obsession... Doctor Who. These wallpapers are awesome! I especially love the Doctor/Rose ones, cuz I ship them soooo hard. *Weeps*

    You said: "I've never, ever been this attached to fictional characters before...and since I fall in love with fictional characters all the time, that's saying something."

    This is exactly how I feel! I don't know when I've been so emotionally attached to characters before...

    Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that you're perfect and everything you like is perfect and, yeah, that pretty much sums it up. ;)

  10. Welcome to my blog, Green Medallion!

    That's so sweet of you to say that! I'm far from perfect, but it certainly sounds like we've got a lot of obsessions in common! =D

    I'm so glad you like the wallpapers:)
    Yessss, totally love The Doctor and Rose!! <3

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and following! I'm looking forward to hearing from you again:)



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