June 18, 2012


Wow.  I received way more comments to the "why do you follow my blog?" question than I thought I would!

Although my intention was to simply find out why you all read my blog, I was blessed more than I can say by each and every one of your comments.  Thank you so much for sharing and for your encouraging words!  You're the best, most amazing and wonderful readers ever.  Period.
And I replied to all of your comments on that post:)

 I finished the five bow belts and the bow tie which were ordered from my shop for someone's wedding.
They turned out just loverly, if I do say so myself!

  I loved working on this order, knowing that what I was creating would be used in someone's wedding.
Does it get any better than that?!  Nope, it doesn't.

Because I actually do this...


This song.  I love it.

The rain we got today was perfect.  A light misty rain...which put me in a fine, Scottish mood.  Methinks I need to watch Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue (1953) tonight.

Or perhaps I should just curl up in a chair and read The Scottish Chiefs again.
It's been awhile since I last read it, and I think it's time I did.

Or maybe I should just watch the Doctor Who episode Tooth & Claw where David Tennant got to use his real Scottish accent for once, and then die happy. *grin*

Either way, I'll be wearing me tartan and bonnet - you're never too old to play dress-up.
That's one of my life rules.

And I should get going - I have some things to work on in preparation for the most epic photoshoot in history this Thursday.  Kellie and I are pooling our creativity and doing a photoshoot for our Etsy shops together.   It is going to be awesome.  And I believe our friend Emily will be coming along, too, which will make it even more fun! =)

So, Happy Trails!


  1. :) Are you all heading down for the fiddle festival this week?

  2. I am SO excited for Thursday! :) Simply can't wait! I hope the sun shines and shines! It will be so much fun to picnic! :)

  3. Kimberly - My brother and his Bluegrass band the North Idaho Hat Band will be down there on Friday and Saturday, but I, unfortunately, will not be. I wish I were, but somebody's got to hold down the fort:)
    Will you be down there?

  4. Emily - Me too!!! I could use some sunshine about now! It's going to be so much fun=D

  5. I was just thinking about Tooth and Claw today. Ha! And I couldn't agree more with the sentiment. Because I had an (out loud)rather deep conversation with myself this afternoon on which were my favorite episodes and why. Quite interesting. :-P

    So is it obsession when I watch "Muppets in Space" with my siblings last night and start comparing everything with Doctor Who? "Oh, look! He's flying through time and space!" "Defense against Aliens - Torchwood!" On a tiny spaceship..."It's bigger on the inside!"

    Or maybe that I've gotten my sister into it and while watching Indiana Jones a character says "I always do what The Doctor orders!" and at the same time we both say, "Doctor Who?"

    Sigh. I love it.:-P

    I am so very jealous that I can't be there. That would be lovely. Can't wait to see pics!!! :)

    And the belts turned out absolutely lovely! Great job!

  6. Ooh, how lovely to make something for someone's wedding! Your cute bow belts will certainly add a special and unique touch. :-)

    Scottish accents are So. Cool!
    And so are tartan bonnets. And tartan skirts. Oh! And Scottish accents! ;-)

    God bless,

  7. Your bow belts are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!! How fun to know that they are going to be used in a wedding!:) *note to self: need to learn how to crochet*

    And I agree, Scottish accents ARE so cool!:)


  8. Tasha, your beautiful bow belts will be just the sweetest touch for this wedding! If they share a photo of everyone wearing them, you must share with us. I would love to see the outfits. Looking forward to the epic shoot for the two Etsy stores coming up on Thursday too. Take lots of photos of the group to share with us. With you and Kellie's creative minds, it will surely be EPIC!

  9. Haha, I agree with Alexandra - EVERYTHING is a Doctor Who reference me with. ;) And Scottish accents are the best.

    Hmmm... Disney's Rob Roy... you know I've been wanting to watch that movie. Never seen it. But I can't find it anywhere. :(

    And that wonderful quote "I sometimes sit at home alone and think about how much I love Doctor Who." My. Life.

    Those bow belts and bow tie you made are really lovely!

  10. I am hoping to go. We have so much work to do though. We'll see...

  11. I thought I had replied to everyone here, but I guess I didn't...well, I shall now:)

    Alexandra - Hehe! I have out loud conversations with myself all the time! Usually about things that everyone else would think are weird. =D

    Hmm, yep. Definitely obsession...but no more obsessed thank I am. *grin* Doctor Who is now a part of every single movie I watch. There's always something that reminds me of The Doctor.

    Oh, that's great that you got your sister into it, too!! Haha! That sounds like me and my brother. We quote DW constantly...and no one else gets it;D

    Yep, I love it, too:D

    Our Photoshoot was amazing!! Tiring, but totally amazing and so fun. Sure wish that you could have been there too - that would have been awesome!! I'll definitely be sharing pics:)

    Thank you! I do love my bow belts. *smile*

    Wild Rose - Hehe;D And pretty much everything Scottish, right? :D

    Mia - Thank you! Maybe, when I finally meet you, I could show you how to crochet, if you'd like me to. It's one of my favorite things to do:)

    Yes, they are indeed! *grin*

    Winnie - It was so funny getting to talk to you yesterday!! I'll be sharing some of my own behind the scenes pics of the photoshoot soon...I hope;)

    Green Medallion - Yep, absolutely everything is now a Doctor Who reference. And I love it;D

    It's a good film, and yes, hard to find. I got my copy off of Amazon.

    Kimberly - That would be great if you did go!:)


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