June 10, 2012


I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but last week my dad and I stopped by the new Big R store.
*heavenly chorus*
Before they put in this new one the two closest to us were in Sandpoint and Spokane, which are both about an hour away from us.
I LOVE Big R.   They have just about everything you could possibly want for your farm/ranch.  Daddy bought a new pump, while I found a few things that made me giddy with delight.  Namely, a 660 ft. roll of polywire, 20 step-in plastic posts, and a portable fence energizer.   Yeah, you know you're a farm girl when that makes you giddy with delight.  When I got home, I did a happy dance.  Really.  I'm using all of that wonderful stuff to divide our horse pasture in half, and to fence our orchard so the horses can graze there.  Rotational grazing is awesome, folks.

Series 4 of Doctor Who FINALLY came in at the library.  =D  Well, half of Series 4 - they have the series split up into two sets that you request independently of each other.  This, I did not realize until I got the first set, which is discs 1-3.  Oh well.   I'm dreading Ten's regeneration anyway (sobbing), so this puts off the inevitable a wee bit longer.  Right?  Right.
Although...I can't WAIT to see the reunion between Rose and The Doctor!! =D
Anyway, I've been watching and loving the episodes I do have:)

Love, love, love Donna as The Doctor's companion!!  She's brilliant, she really is.  And soooo funny.  Catherine Tate and David Tennant are great together.

And this, is so so true...

And, before you ask, I'm still planning on sharing pics from our Yellowstone trip.  My bro and I took a ton of pics, so I'm still sorting through them and getting ready to edit them.  So...maybe next week.  But no promises...;)

Last week one of my ewes, Sweet Pea, bloated.  Twice.  In one day.  I still have no idea why she bloated, but she did.  I always have baking soda out for the sheep to eat when they need it which usually keeps them from having tummy upsets like that, but for one reason or another that didn't work this time.
So, I dosed her with an elixir consisting of...

1/2 cup water
1/2 cup olive oil
2 Tbs. baking soda

Sounds yummy, doesn't it?
She didn't like that much, but I got almost all of it in there.  Then I put a stick in between her teeth, like a bit in a horse's mouth, which made her chew.  The chewing is to get her burping, which fixes the problem.
Thank the Lord, it worked...because the alternative isn't pretty.  Not one bit pretty.

Today, my bro and I checked out a church we'd never been to before.
Grace Bible Church
We know quite a few people who attend church there, so we felt quite at home.  I enjoyed the sermon, which was from 1 Cor. 7, which I happened to be reading this week anyway.  Love it when that happens:)
And I enjoyed the fellowship afterwards.   Alex and I are definitely planning on going again.

And that's about all I can think of at this moment that I wanted to share with you all...although I have this nagging feeling that there was something else that I can't remember.

I hope you all had a blessed Sunday!


  1. Squeeee! I absolutely ADORED that scene!!! It was sooooo funny! They're so awesome together.

    Have you seen the Comic relief skit they did where he plays her English teacher? It's soooo hilarious!!!


    Anyway. OH! And he doesn't regenerate in the actual Season Four finale. It's one of the extra specials afterward. There's...uh, four specials on seperate DVDs. Anyway. So I'm just going to skip the last special. :-D I'm actually on the tail-end of Season 4 now...three episodes to go...and I almost can't, it'll be awful for it to be OVER (yes, I'm stopping at Season Four, at least for a while...I'm too emotionally attached to everyone to have a new Doctor yet. I'll just go back and watch Season Two again...:)). Anyway. Sniff.

    So my favorite episode (so far :-P) in Season Four has been the two part Silence in the Library and Forest of Death. Those were awesome!!!

    And I loved the caption!!! I stole it. Hope you don't mind. :-D But it's soooooooooo true. Everything in my life now is a Doctor Who reference. :-P Being obsessed is terribly fun. And it's awesome to have someone to talk it all out with. So hope you don't mind the huge comment. :-D

  2. Alexandra -
    OH MY WORD!! That was SOOOOO funny!!!
    *squeal* David's Scottish accent...*swoon* ;D

    He doesn't?! Whew, that's a relief! Gotta watch the other specials someday...but not that one. I don't think I could stand seeing him regenerate.
    I think I'll be stopping at S4 for a while too - definitely too emotionally attached to everyone, especially the Doctor, to just move on. Yep, I'm totally going back and re-watching all of Ten's seasons=)

    I can't wait to see the Silence episodes!! They sound totally awesome!

    Oh, so what did you think of Blink, in Season 3?! Wasn't that fantastic?!?!

    I don't mind at all:) Absolutely true! Hehe - I'm lovin' being able to talk to you about Doctor Who, too! =D
    Huge comments are awesome - keep them coming!

  3. Really need to go check out Big R! 660 ft. roll of polywire, 20 step-in plastic posts... *swoon* Hehe;)
    Rotational grazing is awesome. Amen.

    One of these days, I'll have to come over and be introduced to this Doctor Who. You're killing me! =D

    I'm so happy you're here to take off some steam, Alexandra - Tasha'll be gushing something about it, and I just nod in sympathetic and completely ignorant agreement. It can't be healthy.

  4. Tahsa dear, you've got it bad. ;-) Although I have to admit I felt kinda the same way when #4 regenerated. Tom Baker *is* Doctor Who in my book (oh wait, I've said that before...), so it was sad to realize his time as The Doctor was over. :-(

    Kellie--if it's any comfort, I've never seen the new Dr. Who, so you're not the only one nodding and smiling and wondering what it's all about. ;-)
    And for what it's worth--if you want a *proper* introduction to The Doctor, start with An Unearthly Child. It's the show's pilot episode from the '60s and tells you how this whole thing began. ;-) *Shrug* My two cents.

    God bless,
    (the old-school Whovian)

  5. I love Donna! Actually, I didn't like her at all at first...she reminded me too much of myself, haha! But I grew to like her character once she became a companion.(:
    I haven't seen Ten's regeneration yet, since Netflix skipped the specials, and so when the next season started, I was like, "Whoa! New Doctor!" But I love him, so much. And I didn't think I would, since Ten was amazing (I felt the same way when Nine regenerated), but he's really great. I know you'll love him too.(;
    And oh my word...the reunion between Rose and the Doctor? It's amazing. But I won't give anything away. Spoilers!

    *end of rambling* Its just so nice to see another Doctor Who fan...no one in my family watches it, and my sister is the one who most often has to listen to my rants about how awesome it is, and nod like she understands. :P


  6. Alas, I must join the ranks of those who don't know Anything about Doctor Who!!! But from the comments and enthusiasm, it appears that I have missed something here!!

  7. I'm glad Sweet Pea is doing better.
    With the recipe containg olive oil, it should be yummy actually.
    Lucky for Sweet Pea it didn't call for castor oil!

    It's nice as young adults that you are looking for a church community that aligns with your beliefs and your personalities. "Seek and ye will find."

    Peace, Will

  8. P.S.
    Grace Bible? Wow--that's pretty close to where I live, actually! How cool. Our family might have attended there, as we've heard they're pretty conservative, but the Lord led us to Rathdrum Bible first (and...LOVING it!). Best wishes in finding a good church home, dear.

    And I hope Sweet Pea feels better after taking her "medicine." Poor sheepie! :-(


  9. Hey Natasha! I thought that was you at church yesterday but I didn't get to say "hey" to you.:( My family and I have been going to Grace Bible since November, right after we moved up here, and LOVE it!! Hope you get a chance to come back again and that I can meet you in person.: ) BTW love reading your blog.

    God Bless! Mia

  10. Tasha -

    Ooooh!!! I loved Blink! I'd heard so much about the infamous "Don't Blink" (the Keep Calm sign on Pinterest, you know?) and the Angels have the Telephone Box thing that I was all hyped about it! The DVD conversation cracked me up. I'll never look at angel statues the same again. :-D

    I also *loved* 42...the scene where he's "burning up" and Martha has to freeze him or whatever just had me wailing in morbid joy and agony, if that makes sense. MAN, he's such a good actor. (My sister came in and I'm wailing like an idiot...she's like, what on earth?! And I'm like, "He's scared! he's so scared!...OOOOHHHH! My heart! It's breaking!" She just laughed at me. :-D)

    OH! And the Season Four Christmas special - I loved that one. Probably my favorite, honestly. The whole "you're not falling, Astrid, you're flying" part had me sobbbbbing. :-P

    Kellie -

    HA! Love that. Yeah, Doctor Who is a verrrry unhealthy obsession, I've decided. Literally emotionally draining. :-D Ok, so I've decided the three of us need to figure out a way to get together - we can have tea and go antique shopping and TSP and we can introduce you to The Doctor. Sounds like a plan to me. :-D

  11. Kellie - Yes, you absolutely MUST meet The Doctor soon!! It's killing me, too, not being able to swap lines with my my best friend. That doesn't happen very often;D
    lol! You're a very sympathetic listener and nod-er, dear=D

    Wild Rose - Yep, I do indeed have it bad...;) I'd really, really love to see the original series...maybe someday.

    Vicki - I felt the same way when Nine regenerated, too! But now I LOVE Ten=) I think I'll like Eleven when I get to him, but yeah, I'm going to miss Ten like crazy:'(
    OH, I can't wait for the Rose/Doctor reunion!!!
    Us Doctor Who fans have to stick together;D
    Yes, I'd rate Grace Bible as conservative - skirts, hymns, etc. Thanks, Tom:)
    Yes, Sweet Pea is fully recovered now, thankfully.

    Winnie - If you enjoy sci-fi and British humor, then Doctor Who is completely amazing!!

    Mr. Dane - hehe, I'm sure Sweet Pea is thankful it wasn't castor oil, too;)
    I'm so glad Alex and I found a church we enjoy. It's been awhile.

    Maria - Hello! Yes, one of my friends there pointed you out and said that you read my blog, but I was too shy to come say hello:) I'd love to meet you in person next time I come, which will hopefully be next Sunday!
    I'm so glad you're enjoy my blog. I've enjoyed yours, too:)

    And I'm going to answer your comment in a separate comment, Alexandra...;D

  12. Alexandra -
    "The angels have the phone box...that's my favorite. I've got that on a t-shirt!" ahahaha! Love it!! Oh yes, the DVD conversation is the best part. YES! I eye all statues with suspicion now...;D

    I loved 42, too! Oh, I know! I cried and cried. I know exactly what you mean, "morbid joy and agony", that's it exactly!
    I can relate to unsympathetic relations, too - I was sobbing after Doomsday, and my bro came in and started laughing and patting me on the back. He thought I was kidding;)

    He is totally an AMAZING actor! I saw him in Hamlet and oh my word. I was at the edge of my seat the entire time he was on screen. I mean, WOW.

    YES!! I loved it when Astrid grabbed the first aid box, and then stood on it to kiss The Doctor. Soooo cute! And I was crying when he told her she was flying, not falling, too. So, so wonderful.

    Okay, seriously love the idea of a Doctor Who tea party plus antique shopping and TSP!! That is an amazing plan. Now, how to make it work...=D

    Oh, I've enjoyed talking Doctor Who with you sooooo much! =)

  13. I hope you don't mind me mentioning one more thing about olive oil. The last time I went to see Connie Francis perform, in 2005 at the Sahara in Las Vegas, she was having a problem with the dry air, which was giving her a bit of a rough throat. She would take little sips of olive oil, right there on stage, and VoilĂ !her voice returned as smooth and pronounced as a fine tuned engine!
    It's a good lubricant.

  14. Mr. Dane - No, I don't mind at all:)
    That's very interesting how Connie Francis used the olive oil to moisturize her throat. Sounds like it worked! Olive oil is amazing. So many uses.

  15. Haha...fancy my finding this after 8 months!! lol
    We love having you both at Grace Tasha...ya'll are family now!! <3 ;)

  16. Hey! It's Sarah!! So glad to "see" you here!
    Yes, Grace feels like family to me now. I'm so happy that the Lord brought us there. And I'm so glad I've gotten to know you better!
    Love you girl,


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