April 29, 2012

One Skirt | Three Days | Day Three

{Day Three}

Last day of the challenge!  I think this may have been my favorite fashion challenge yet.
Thank you Ashley, Natasha, and Olivia for hosting this event! 
It's been just lovely and I hope you'll be doing this again!

So, today the idea was to dress up my skirt for church...even though I didn't go today.
My family is in between churches for several reasons right now, so we do our own Bible study at home every Sunday, although my bro and I occasionally attend a friend's church.
Anyway, moving on...

I was being optimistic and hoping for a warm sunny day today, but my hopes were in vain as it's cloudy and bit rainy today...with 5 seconds of sunshine here and there.  Another typical North Idaho spring day;)

In reality, if I had gone to church I would have worn my denim jacket with this outfit, instead of the pink vest...that is, if my denim jacket hadn't been MIA since December when I let my mom borrow it.  I have no idea where it disappeared to and neither does she.  The search goes on.

o u t f i t
pink crocheted vest - made by me
t-shirt with lace trim - Fred Meyer
skirt - Christopher & Banks
shoes - no idea

My hair was still damp from being washed this morning, so I left it down today.

I've enjoyed seeing everyone's outfits!
I hope you all have a beautiful and blessed Sunday:)

thanks to my bro for taking my picture on all three days - you do an amazing job!


  1. Love the vest, good job!!!:) It looks great with the skirt!

  2. Love that vest!! And made by you? Fabulous!! What a grand way to end the denim skirt challenge with a dressed up version. Honestly, don't you just love denim skirts for their incredible versatility?? Thanks Alex, for recording the tree days for all of us to enjoy. I am inspired to wear my denim skirt tomorrow to work. I will sort of glam it up like you did today with some cute shoes. Denim skirt Monday... Anyone else inspired?

  3. Another excellent photo session.
    Your photos against the backdrop of your pond is so aesthetic.
    Even on an off & on rainy day!

  4. What a cute outfit! Great colors....love the hair and shoes.


  5. Thanks y'all for the comments! =)


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