April 27, 2012

One Skirt | Three Days | Day One

{Day One}

I was going to use a skirt I recently remade for this challenge, but the dog and sheep conspired against me and it is now in sore need of a wash.
So, I decided to use one of my very favorite spring/summer denim skirts instead...

The afternoon lighting was perfect in our backyard.
My sheepies have been busy mowing the lawn for the past few days, so they became my props:)

o u t f i t
pullover hooded sweater - Christopher & Banks
pink t-shirt - Fred Meyer
denim skirt - Christopher & Banks
shoes - Keds

I love shopping Christopher & Banks' sale rack - so many lovely treasures!

Today was one of those lovely North Idaho days where the weather changed about 50 times.
(yes, I slightly exaggerate...)
It was kind of hard picking something to wear for the day.

Happy Trails!

many thanks to my bro for once again being my excellent photographer


  1. Idaho is such a lovely state! One of the most beautiful in my opinion. :-) I love your skirt... Christopher and Banks usually has so many cute things!

  2. I can't claim to be a very fashion-conscious person, Natasha, so I haven't a lot to contribute there, only to say you are a very pretty young woman.

    Thanks for posting the additional photos of the fast-growing lambs.
    They remain adorable. And I love the other photos that show the trees on your ranch and the pond.
    Spring in Northern Idaho tugs at those of us not fortunate to be there!

  3. Hello, fellow blogger and Pinterest friend! Do you mind if I come live with you?! Idaho is so beautiful. I love your pictures. =D God bless!

  4. Tasha~ Denim skirts are without a doubt some of the most fun items to wear! I agree with you too that Christopher and Banks have some great finds! My BFF and I have been know to be found trolling the racks of sale stuff !!And your sweet lambs, oh my but they are just so cute nuzzling you and posing with Lamb smiles for the camera! I do love the way you fixed your hair too! Braids and denim and that Audrey Hepburn smile of yours..what a fabulous combo! Looking forward to days 2&3! One can always use an inspiration for denim skirts.

  5. I LOVE that skirt! I'm a sucker for embroidered denim!

  6. It's beautiful Natasha! And I love all those lamb and sheep photos. They're so cute! ;)

  7. You look lovely, and I want your sheep! SO cute! Maybe one of these days I will get my own flock. ;)

  8. Love it! Great pics:)


  9. Thank you, thank you all for your sweet comments! I sat here with a grin from ear to ear while I read them. They're like bits of sunshine that brighten my day:)

    Marie Danielle - I certainly won't argue with that! Idaho is so beautiful.

    Mr. Dane - Thank you for the compliment! And Idaho is without a doubt at its best during the spring...although summer, fall and winter aren't bad, either:)

    Emily - *grin* I wish everyone could live in Idaho...except then it would be really crowded and I wouldn't like it so much;)

    Winnie - Absolutely! Denim skirts are wonderful=)
    You know, you're the second person to say that I have some similarities to Audrey Hepburn. I don't see it myself, but that is the highest compliment I have ever received! Thanks:)

    RJ - Thanks:) I love my sheep so much, and I hope you get a flock of your own someday.

    Once again, thanks everyone=D


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