April 3, 2012

More lamb pictures...

More lamb pictures?!
Yes, more lamb pictures.
I'll say only this - right now, my sheep and lambs are my life.
They will continue to be a major part of my life for as long as I own them...which means all year.
Just thought I should warn you;)

Sherlock is an exceptionally cute lamb *grin*
That pic is actually from a few days ago when it snowed a bit.
No fresh snow today - we had sun!
And it was 60*F in town!!!  I didn't even need a jacket=D

I finally decided on names for Sweet Pea's triplets.
What could be better than the Misses Dashwood - Elinor, Marianne and Margaret.
Perfect, don't you think?

Poor Marianne came down with an ailment called "joint ill".  My sheep book had nothing whatsoever to say about it (maybe "joint ill" is a local name for some other disease??), but it's some kind of bacterial infection in the joints of the legs.  I noticed yesterday that Marianne's back legs seemed kind of stiff, and she was limping.  When it seemed worse today, I called the vet and described the symptoms.  1CC of penicillin for 5 days should fix her up.  I would appreciate your prayers though.

Thank goodness my bro isn't squeamish about giving shots - I've never been able to give my animals shots.  It's bad enough sticking a full grown horse in the neck, but giving a little lamb a shot under the skin??  No thanks...

"Um, why are you pointing that thing at me??"
All of the other lambs are doing wonderfully - running and leaping, climbing everything in sight.
It's a grand sight, indeed!
I'll try to get a video of them and post it:)

Here my friends, is my adorable pet sheep, Calvin.
Calvin is a Barbados Blackbelly sheep, and he's such a darling...to me, that is.
Mean as can be to the ewes and lambs and won't let anyone get close to him.

Except me.  I can say without hesitation that Calvin adores me.  He'll follow me anywhere, including around our property.   Without a halter and lead on.  Yep, Calvin is an exceptional boy and he is useful, too.
He eats a particularly vicious, invasive and noxious weed we have around here called Knapweed.
It's quite toxic and shouldn't be pulled unless you're wearing gloves, yet he can eat it without a problem.
God's creation never ceases to amaze me.

Okay, back to the lambs...

Just like human babies, lambs have to taste everything...including the fence.
They also enjoy tasting my clothes and my hair;)

Something I'm watching for during the lambs' first week of life are signs of starvation.
As you might image, it's critical that the lambs get enough to eat, but especially if the weather is cold and wet like it's been this spring.
Just a wee bit of momma's warm milk in their tummies, and they can stay warm in below freezing temperatures.  Once again, I am amazed by my Creator.  The instinct He's given even to a newborn lamb, the will to survive, is incredible.  Please don't tell me that all of this "just happened".  Evolved.  Look around you.  There's no way.
*climbs off soap-box*

 My bro nicknamed Margaret the "Piranha", because she likes chewing on our fingers and clothes.
I don't mind while all she has are gums, but when she finally gets real teeth...ouch!!

 The triplets:)

Beautiful Fawn.
Llama ears are so cool looking and their eyes are so sweet and soft.
Proud and supercilious as can be, but beautiful creatures.

Happy Trails y'all!


  1. Oh my goodness! I think I am hooked on your lamb pictures. I agree that Sherlock is a really cute lamb. Thanks for the info about how they are doing and Marianne is definitely in my prayers. I'll pray for Alex too that he is as gentle as he can be when giving the shots.

    Peace, William Dane

  2. Oh your lambs are just precious! And poor Marianne with a touch of rheumatism! All thoses cute faces and soft fur are just the best spring gift. I hope they all continue to thrive and grow on schedule. As with human babies, they are vulnerable to many things in the early weeks. You say you saw 60 degrees the other day?? That is a milestone! According to weather.com, the weather out there seems to be stuck on rain/snow and then snow/rain followed by rain and then snow and then snow/rain etc. But apparently Old Man Winter got a reminder that the calendar has moved on to Spring and Spring it WILL be!! Besides, lambs want sunny days for playing in the paddocks!

  3. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos of your sheep! They are so sweet.



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