April 17, 2012

Step inside...

...my House of Dreams.

A shady, quiet path leads to the door...

Definitely decorating the mailbox like this!
It's so sweet and I love the movie Up <3

A wrap around porch is a must, with trees shading the lawn.

A Victorian style home, with a tower of course, would be just lovely!
But please, make it purple...

Comfy wicker furniture with plenty of pillows and cushions.

The perfect spot to relax on a hot summer day with a glass of lemonade and a good book.

But there's no need to stay outside all the time!  Come in and take off your shoes...
{I don't wear shoes unless I have to, so I assume everyone else is more comfortable without them, too.}

There now, that's better.  Let's sit down in the living room...

Would you care for some tea?

No home is complete without music and books...

mainly muted colors with a few pops of bright color is what i'm thinking for the living room

Ahem...respectful silence as we enter the library, please...

dark wood in the library, with rich greens and blues

A secret panel in the library?  But of course!

A quiet corner to create and sew...

The kitchen, to me, is possibly the most important room in the house.

It is there that the food is prepared, where friendly conversations over a cup o' tea abound, and memories are made.

This is the exact position I would love the sink to be in...
In the corner with the windows to look out of as you wash the dishes...

I love the idea of a big wooden table for an island, especially the shelf under the table.
So perfect for pots and pans, and baskets for holding potatoes, onions, or even towels and potholders...

I also love the hanging pot rack.

Mismatched vintage dishes...

As far as a color scheme, I'm loving the retro colors in these vintage canisters...


A small breakfast nook.

And a farm house sink would be lovely...

Lots and lots of shelves, draws and cupboards.
And somewhere to display my teacup collection.

Who wouldn't want to do laundry in such a darling room?

I LOVE the idea of a chalkboard wall for in the school room!
{my future children will absolutely be homeschooled}

I'm not sure if I want/need a separate room for doing school...maybe just use the dining room.

Would you care to come upstairs

Love the pale blue stairs...

This wall collage is just lovely...

And upstairs we find...
More books.
What a surprise;)

And a gorgeous long hallway...gotta have one of those.
I love hallways.  No idea why.  I just do.

And window seats!

Fabric scrap wall art...
'cause I've got LOTS of fabric scraps that I can't bear to throw away.

I love metal bed frames...

I also seem to be loving robins egg blue.

All of the windows will have lace curtains...

Thanks for stopping by...come back real soon, y'all!

You can find more of my dream house inspiration in my {House of Dreams} pinboard on Pinterest.


  1. May your abode and "neck of the woods" dreams come true. They are ideal.

  2. *wistful sigh* It's so lovely! It looks like the perfect place to relax on a windowseat or on the porch with a good book, a tray of cookies, and a tall glass of lemonade.(: And I love the idea of a chalkboard wall for the classroom! I definitely plan on homeschooling any children I may have, and that would be an amazing addition to our classroom.(:


  3. I'm weighing in with WilliamDane! What a lovely Dream House Tour. Beautiful over every inch!!We always wanted to be able to afford an old house with a wrap around porch. But alas, we had to re-create snippets of that dream in a small, block "plain Jane" house. But over the past 27 years we have had the most amazing fun adventure making our home our dream home one coat of paint, one bathroom or kitchen redo at a time. And the cool thing about that is you can still include all of the homey details from your dreams one thrift store or antique store item at a time. And I DO have a lavender painted guest bedroom!! Love the quiet peaceful feeling that color imparts. Thanks for sharing your dreams with us in such a fun virtual tour!

  4. Wow...that does seem to be the perfect house! I love the library. :-)

  5. Oh your dream home is simply lovely! It's very similar to mine. May I come live with you when you get it? LOL
    Have a blessed week.

  6. Beautiful - just beautiful:) Now all you need to do is find some wonderful millionaire to make it all happen! But not too soon...;D

    And I adore the mint green kitchen. Majorly.

  7. What wonderful ideals! I love all of the vintage-style decor...thanks for posting!



  8. Soooo...when you get this gorgeous house, I hope you don't mind that I will be coming to pay a visit. :-) LOVE IT.

    My voice teacher owns a bed and breakfast in Weston, Missouri, the Benner House. It just reminded me of these pictures because it's a purple Victorian style house almost exactly like that picture. :-) It's gorgeous on the inside, too. :-)

  9. Fun post, Tasha!! So fun looking at all the creative ideas and photos. That's just what I thought your house would like! ;-)

  10. Wow--your Dream House is almost identical to mine in many points. Great minds do think alike, aye? ;-)

    And apparently your place is so cozy and inviting, a local cottontail decided to pay you a visit! Wild rabbits are so fun to watch.

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  11. Goodness! I guess you all liked this post:) Each and every one of your comments made me smile - thank you:)

    Oh, your house sounds delightful, Winnie! A lavender painted guest room?! Awesome!! =D

    You'd be more than welcome to come for a visit at my house of dreams, Purity Leigh:)

    lol, Kellie;) Hmm, now where can I find a wonderful, handsome, young millionaire who wants to live on a farm? *grin* Ok, not too soon;) Yep, I totally need a mint green kitchen. It makes me happy.

    It is very me, isn't it Mrs. C? :)

    Oh, aye! Great minds do think alike, Rebekah! ;)


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