April 22, 2012


...on the farm.

Freckles enjoys getting to kick up his heels in the coral.
We're not sure exactly how old he is as he's not registered, but he's somewhere in his late 20s.
And still lookin' awesome!

Dewey (my bro's horse) and Freckles are reluctant friends.
They enjoy biting and squealing at each other.

My mom was able to take a walk down to the barn to see Freckles today.
Once Freckles gets his hooves trimmed and all of the spring sillies out of his system, my mom is going to start riding him again.

Horseback riding is excellent for someone who has lost the use of their legs because the motion of the horse walking mimics the movement of our legs when we're walking, thus exercising our muscles as if we were walking.  Pretty cool, huh?

Dad and Mom

And now for some lambie pics...

The Nibblin' Lamb


My plant starts caught a bit of sun on the deck, as did Bonnie.

Happy Trails, y'all!


  1. Tasha~ Oh, a wonderful virtual day on the farm!! Beautiful in every way. Our boy Freckles is so adorable with all those spots! And the perfect answer for some equine therapy with years of gentleness behind those beautiful eyes. It was wonderful to see your Mom in her spring hat at the barn too. Hope springs eternal! And those cutie pie lambs--oh my I wish I could just pet them. All fuzzy and frisky! And, did you know Daffodils are just one of my favorites? Who can"t feel encouraged with their bright yellow petals? Glorious! And give that Bonnie girl a pet for me--Getting herself a bit of a tan in the corner on the deck!! HA!!!Life is Good!!

  2. This post made me so happy! No words for how much I loved seeing your mom with the horses. Pretty soon she'll be loping around and no one can catch her!

    The lambs... I need to see the lambs! =) I'll probably call you later to work something out...

    Love and hugs,

  3. SPRING!!! :-D
    Sunshine, rainbows and pretty flowers just make life cheerier, don't they? (Is that trillium/wake-robin?)

    Your animals are all so cute, and I'll bet they enjoyed being out-of-doors and romping in the sunshine. What fun!

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  4. Natasha, I am so happy to see your dear Mother walking and enjoying visiting with Freckles. I couldn't be happier seeing them. She and your Dad were so gracious the first time I was in Idaho to see the Hat Band at the Open Arms Concert in 2011. They came right up to me and introduced themselves and shook my hand. May your Mom continue to improve and soon be riding Freckles to help with her walking.

  5. All of those pictures makes me long for the fresh air and wide open spaces that the country has to offer. I'm a country girl at heart, but I'm sadly stuck in the middle of town. :( Maybe I could come live with you! LOL
    Have a blessed day!

  6. May I add something?

    The photos are all just fabulous, whether of the horse or sheep or kitties, the double rainbow or the pond or the flowers or the more general landscapes. And of course the two of your parents. I really enjoy seeing your beautiful ranch.


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