April 20, 2012


First and foremost, I found an excellent substitute for Picnic!  This is joyous news, indeed!!
It was one of the alternative photo editing sites suggested by the Picnic team, so I thought I'd give it a go.
I LOVE it.
It doesn't have as many features (no collage option yet) but the editing tools are simply fabulous!

This is exactly how I feel some days...;)

I'm pretty sure I scare the poor souls who are brave enough to follow me on Pinterest...
One minute, I'm pinning pictures of vintage clothing, silver screen stars, beautiful scenery, and Bible verses.
The next, I'm pinning Doctor Who, Batman, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Star Wars.
Welcome to me.

This week, I began Spring Cleaning.  Hurray!  I love cleaning and organizing.  And I love SPRING!!!
I'm breaking the cleaning into small sections that I can easily accomplish in one day.  This way, I shouldn't become overwhelmed by it all...at least, that's the idea.

My lambies are getting soooo big!  I need to take some pictures and post them.

The next outdoor project will be cleaning up my garden patch.  I didn't plant anything in it last year (I forgot to begin my plant starts early enough and ran out of time), so it's a big mess.  The weeds really had a ball in there.

After I've got the garden sorted, I'll be turning my attention to...ducks!
Kellie's mom and I had a lovely chat about ducks when I was over there the other day, and I've decided to get some.  Duck eggs are amazing - twice as big as chicken eggs, plus the ducks can lay for 4 years and have an average egg count of 340 eggs per year per duck.  Wow.  Sign me up!!
(I'm quoting these figures from memory, so I may be a bit off...)
The type of ducks the Falconers have are Khaki Campbells, if my memory serves me...which it doesn't always do;)
Anyway, I'll need to do some research and build the proper coop/pen for them.  I think it's going to be a lot of fun=)

I just saw what may very well be my FAVORITE Doctor Who episode ever - Blink.
My brother and I watched it last night...oh my word!   I will never, ever, ever trust statues again.  Ever.  Period.
So creepy, but so awesome!! =D
And had some of the best quotable quotes ever.
Totally watching that one with my mom - I've already made an excellent start on converting her to a Doctor Who fan, but if Blink doesn't do it, nothing will;)

Happy Trails y'all:)


  1. Ha!! I just love that cartoon!! Yes, she does show that complete "I give up" feeling that some days can bring. Spring cleaning you say?? I have been on a rampage myself clearing out clutter and keeping only essentials. I know you will think me crazy when I say, spring cleaning is a bit therapeutic!! Really, I am not neurotic-- but I do hate it when the house looks all junked up. And please do post some new photos of the lambs. They grow so fast!

  2. What a coincidence! My family is also planning on raising Ducks this year!! We have decided on a few Pekins and Khaki Campbells too! I found some very informative books on the library and the whole family is having fun making plans for the coop!

    I'll probably do a few posts with pictures about it... and hope you do too!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  3. I definitely have days like that too, I can relate Tasha. And by the way, I love your Pinterest :).

  4. I LOVE Blink!
    Blink and the episode where they're in New New York and Cassandra keeps switching bodies - those are my favorite Ten episodes of all time. =D And - ducks! Hooray! *Agent Sedusky voice* "Do you like ducks?"

  5. That is quite a coincidence, Constance! Yes, please do share pictures! :)

    lol. I'm glad you enjoy my Pinterest, Michelle. Thanks:)

    Haha! "New, new, new, new, new...New York!" ;D That was a pretty good episode. The Duke of Manhattan cracked me up;) And then later in Fear Her, "I'm not really a cat person...once you've been threatened by one in a nun's wimple, it kind of takes the joy out of it." *grin* I just LOVE Doctor Who. =D

  6. Winnie - You're not alone. I love cleaning the house! I just wish our house wasn't so big sometimes;)
    I will definitely share some recent pics of the lambs soon:)

  7. May you have the best vegetable garden ever Natasha! Do you practice organic principles in your gardening? May its harvest be record-breaking!

  8. The first time I watched "Blink" I had to mute the volume - completely creeped me out. Waited until daylight to watch it again. Wow. Quite possibly the best single episode ever. Although the episode where The Doctor and Rose part ways was great, too. Haven't seen the new Doctor, Matt Smith, yet, but have heard good things.

    Ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-whimey stuff...


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