April 1, 2011

Nancy Drew Fashion Week {Day 1}

Day One of the Nancy Drew Fashion Week - Vintage Nancy.
{Um, iMacs are not vintage, but oh well...}
{I don't actually own a Nancy Drew book...*gasp*...yes, these are from the library.}
{I will own five Nancy Drew books, but I just bought them on Etsy and they haven't arrived yet - you'll probably see them later on.}
~My Outfit~
Today's outfit was inspired by the plaid skirt worn by Bonita Granville in Nancy Drew: Reporter.
  • Pink Scarf - it's a western show scarf (as in, horse show, but I use them for a lot of things), and I probably got it from Stateline Tack...maybe.  I can't really remember:}
  • Light tan sweater with lace - given to me by a friend
  • White blouse - Walmart
  • Plaid a-line skirt - pink and tan - made by me
  • Brown flats - Goodwill
Happy Trails, y'all!
Thank you to my wonderful brother, aka my personal photographer, who took time out from visiting with his friends to take pictures of me.  He's a pretty neat brother:)
I also created a Nancy Drew Treasury list on Etsy, just for fun:)

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