April 2, 2011

Nancy Drew Fashion Week {Day 2}

First, I have to apologize for the quality (or lack thereof) of today's pictures. 
Because we're experiencing the MUD season in North Idaho, which comes before spring truly arrives, we've had rain, rain and more rain...and some hail...and some snow...and 5 min. of sunshine...and rain...and that was just today.  Yeah. 
That's what we do for fun out in the sticks - watch the weather change. ;D
So, outdoor pictures were out of the question today, and, confidentially, our camera stinks at indoor pictures, no matter what setting it's on.
These photos are seriously not creative, and that pains me, because I love fun, creative photoshoots.
However, there are 5 more days left to get creative, Nancy Drew pictures...which gives me some more time to find a magnifying glass (I know we have one, somewhere...) and a decent pair of sunglasses;)

Today I was Nancy Drew Modern - it was kind of chilly today, and most of my vintage style clothes are more suitable for warmer weather, so...
{Yep - by the bookshelves again... But that's ok, 'cause I love my "library":) }
{In fact, I organized my books by color today - I think it looks pretty cool!}
~My Outfit~
  • Pink hooded sweatshirt - birthday gift from Grandma
  • Pink and green floral t-shirt (which you really can't see, but it's there;) - also a gift from Grandma
  • Brown corduroy skirt - Christopher & Banks
  • Brown Mary Jane style sneakers - Keds - they have really cute pink button snaps, and polka dot trim:)  I also had a navy blue pair, but I wore them so often they died:(
That's all folks!

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