April 30, 2011

Disney Blog Party

Never Grow Up
I grew up watching the old live action Disney films - The Swiss Family Robinson and Herbie were my constant companions - so most of my answers will relate to them, not the animated films.
1.  What is your all-time favorite animated Disney film and why?  I'd have to say 101 Dalmatians.  It's hysterically funny...and Roger reminds me of my cousin, Ivan;D

2.  What is your all-time favorite Disney/Pixar film and why?  Either Ratatouille or Up...or The Incredibles...not really sure:)

3.  What was the first animated Disney film you remember seeing?  Snow White - I remember my dad taking me to see it at the theater (must've been a re-release or something...).  I don't remember much of the actual movie, but I do remember being fascinated by the Emergency Exit sign.  I was probably 6 at the time, and don't ask me why I found that so interesting, because I honestly have no idea.

4.  It's talent night at your school/job/etc...You have to perform a Disney song.  Which one would you choose?  Oh, my - no idea.  Cruella DeVille, maybe;D  No, probably something from The Happiest Millionaire or Summer Magic.

5.  Name your top 4 Disney heroes or heroines (or any character, for that matter) and talk a little bit about why you admire them.   Pollyanna {she always finds something to be thankful for}, Fritz from The Swiss Family Robinson {he was my first movie "crush"}, Lori MacGregor from The Tree Lives of Thomasina {I would be perfectly happy to spend all of my time with my animals, spinning and singing as she does} , and Davy Crocket {nuff said;) }.

6.  Who, in your opinion, is the most hideous Disney villain of all time?  Um, Cruella DeVille, I guess.

7.  If you could spend a day with any Disney character, who would you choose?  How would you spend your day?  Probably with Lori MacGregor.  We'd sing, spin, tend to the animals, talk only when absolutely necessary, and end the day with tea before the fire in her wee cottage in the glen. :)

8.  Which Disney character is the most like you?  I really have no idea, although I definitely have some things in common with Lori.

9.  What, in your opinion, is one of the greatest movie moments in an animated Disney film?  "Your not going to believe this, but it's a one-wheeled hay stack!"  -The Aristocats

10.  If you could pick which film Disney would make next, what would the film be?  No preference really. 

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