April 3, 2011

Nancy Drew Fashion Week {Day 3}

~Nancy Drew Vintage~
Today the sun was shining and it was above 40*F, so I headed outside for a bit of sleuthing...;)
Snooping about...   What have we here - a knife.   Aha!  Footprints...
...er, paw prints, from Mitts the cat;)
"I just think it's kind of...weird, having the heist on a Saturday.  I was thinking maybe a heist is more of a Tuesday thing..."
Sorry - I can't go long without quoting from a movie;D
At this point, I broke and ran for the house, because a cold wind suddenly came up...:)
~My Outfit~
  • Headband - no idea, but it's the only headband I've ever owned that never gives me a headache
  • Blouse - same as Day 1, white with a peter pan collar
  • Sweater - I found it in my mom's closet:)
  • Locket - I don't know if you can really see it in any of these pictures, but it was given to my by my Grandpa many years ago.
  • Pleated Skirt - made by and designed by me - I was inspired by the super cute skirts worn by Hayley Mills in "That Darn Cat!"
  • Knee-high tights - Fred Meyer
  • Shoes - black flats - Fred Meyer
Happy Trails, folks!

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