April 20, 2011


I've been tagged by Rebekah at The Rambling Rose!
I do so love tags=)
For this one, I answer the 8 questions from Rebekah, then come-up with 8 questions of my own which you (the honored tagged) will answer on your blog. 
  1. Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?  I don't get frozen yogurt very often, but I really like it=)
  2. How many siblings do you have?  One - mine brother.  I've always wanted more...
  3. What is your favorite hobby?  Oh, dear - just one?  Crochet is probably my very favorite hobby, although I have many hobbies.  Web and graphic design would come next... 
  4. Did you have a different hair color/texture as a kid, or has it always been the same?  As a kiddo, my hair was blond.  Now, tis brown.
  5. Do you like to go places, or are you more of a homebody?  Both!
  6. What is your favorite main dish?  Umm - cheesy potato pie or potato soup.  Idaho is famous for potatoes. ;)
  7. Do you wear jewelry? If so, describe your favorite piece(s):  Not very often, but when I do it's either my gold heart locket, my Audrey Hepburn watch necklace - I have a few other necklaces that I wear, too.  I rarely wear bracelets, and my ears aren't pierced. Edit: I also wear a purity ring which my dad gave to me on my 17th birthday.
  8. When was the last time you went to the movies, and what did you see?  Prince Caspian!  Whenever that came out - was it 2009?  I dis-remember...
Okay, and here are the questions that you (the honored tagged) will copy and answer on your blogs...
  1. Have you ever consumed an ant?
  2. Do you (or did you) bite your fingernails?
  3. Pens or pencils?
  4. Least favorite color?
  5. Ever had a near-death experience?
  6. Name three blogs/websites that you've discovered recently (and provide links:)
  7. What's your middle name?
  8. Favorite movie line?
I hereby tag everyone who reads my blog and feels so inclined.
Have fun!
Oh, and I would love it if you'd comment and let me know you're doing the tag so I can read your answers=)
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P.S. Hey!  20 followers!  Thanks girls!=)

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