June 26, 2013

Alpaca Shearing

About 9:00 AM we arrived.  
It was the beginning of May, and there was a chilly wind. 
We walked up to the barn, through the door, and inside.
Our adventure begins here.

Adorable looking alpacas waiting their turn for the shearing table.

Sarah compares the fleece color to a chart for registering purposes.

Before they're sheared, Alex and David blow as much dust as they can off with a blower.

Rebecca leads them to the shearing table....

On the table.  It provides a safe and clean way to shear the alpacas.  
They're almost completely immobilized when they're on the table.

The fleece is bagged and saved.

It's rather dusty work, hence the bandannas.

The alpacas next stop is the "Beauty Salon", where Esther and I are stationed.

We used scissors to trim the wool around their eyes (so they could see) and on the sides of their faces where their halter sits.  Basically, we gave them haircuts. *grin*

Every once in a while, Sarah would enter the "salon" to either put an ear tag on a young one or ultrasound an expecting female.  Don't worry, the ear tagging doesn't hurt them.  *smile*

The young ones who were born last year were the most fun to trim.  For the most part, they just stood still while we worked, unlike some of the adults.  One customer got a lightening fast job, because she insisted on spitting the entire time.  No worries, she didn't get me - I made sure of that.  *grin*

Samuel and Alex watching us work and eating...again. *wink*

And a short video montage...enjoy!

It was one of the most fun days I've ever had, and I'd do it again.
In fact, Lord willing, I'll be there next year! *smile*

: :Thank you to everyone who picked up the camera! : :

Happy Trails, y'all!


  1. Ah! They really do look so cute and friendly! :) I'm surprised that they don't put up more of a fight than just spitting. That makes it nice!

    Fun photos and what a fun day! Things done with friends is always way more fun!

  2. This is all fascinating to watch! Lots of work. So, are the wools then washed and prepared like sheep wools to be woven and dyed for knitting use? I am assuming so but not really sure if alpaca wool has to be mixed with sheep wool for a strong enough fiber to turn into yarn.

  3. I had never before seen a picture of a sheared alpaca until earlier this year, and I have to admit I had quite a laugh when I saw it. I guess it's the combination of long skinny neck and fluffy head. :)

    All that lovely fiber! I've never worked with alpaca fiber before but I've heard it's wonderful (though very dusty until you clean it :).


  4. Alpacas are adorable and my mother has always said that when we move to the country we are going to get some of them because she absolutely loves them! Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed it.

  5. Oh, they are too cute! So fuzzy and adorable!! This has to be one of the oddest blog posts I've come across, but I enjoyed it very much, haha. Must have been a great experience too. Were they scared at all, or are some of the older ones used to it by now?


  6. How amazing!! I love alpacas... it's one of my favorite fiber to spin with.

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  8. Wow..for some reason I missed this post..that was hilarious! Good memories--Alpaca Shearing is definitely one of my favorite days of the year too!!

    Loved the vlog....love how you got the little ones who haven't been halter trained yet on there too....they're always fun to try to prod along..
    I didn't realize how much I travel with my job...you and Alex were invaluable, and will be of much service to us if you can make it again this year!!! Hugs, Sarah


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