June 12, 2013

I Do Like Ducklings // Vlog no. 4

A few weeks ago we found an abandoned duckling by our pond.  Actually, we found it when we were outside around a campfire with some friends.  We heard a peeping noise, and there he/she was.  For some reason the duckling decided our loud, crazy group was to be trusted. 
We brought him inside for the night, but decided to release him the next morning, reasoning that his chances of survival were better in his natural habitat.  This is just a short video of us releasing him.  Enjoy!

: : You can view the larger video on Day by Day's YouTube Channel : :

Isn't he cute?  And snuggly?  Which reminds me of this...

"Well, I *do* like ducklings."


Question: have you ever found an abandoned/injured wild animal and cared for it?  I want to know!


  1. When I was little, a baby Robin fell out of the nest and we raised it to adulthood inside. We named it Cheep Cheep and were able to release it in my parents' friends bird sanctuary when it was big enough to fly. We had so much fun raising it and to this day, Robins are my favorite birds!!

  2. Aw, the sweet little thing! That was so random - how it didn't get stepped on while we were - ahem - moving about to rapidly is beyond me;D

  3. Aww, what a sweetie! Ducklings are so stinkin cute!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  4. Last week, Katherine, found 3 baby robins that had fallen out of their nest and their momma wasn't coming to get them. She decided to care for them and would dig up worms and feed them. Unfortunately, after a few days of caring for them one died of unknown circumstances, one was picked up and dropped by a 3 y/o (on accident of course). The last one, while it was being "bird sat" by a 6 y/o, was found by a cat and eaten.:( The dear, poor, sweet, girl was broken hearted about the birds.;(


  5. Awww...how "tweet"! (Yeah, yeah, I know, bad pun. :-P) Isn't it amazing how well he/she was able to plunk down in the water and swim off--a teeny thing like that!

    When I was younger--maybe thirteen or fourteen--our cat caught a chick that wandered into our yard. We ended up saving it and rounding up its (we assume) sibling and several other stray chicks roaming the neighborhood (the neighbor down the street was rather careless with her chickens...) and shipping them off to a family in our church who had a farm. The two tiniest ones--the one the cat caught and its "sibling"--found a home with the friend's sister, who raised chickens as pets (and for eggs, I think.) Happy endings!

    God bless,


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