June 16, 2013

Sunday Style | Just Peachy

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blouse // thrifted
pleated skirt // thrifted
shoes // thrifted
hotair balloon necklace // gifted

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I fell in love with the print on this skirt the instant I saw it.  It reminds me of spring and sidewalk cafes and Paris.  And it's pleated.  I'm a sucker for knee length pleated skirts.  I've been intentionally incorporating more peachy pinks into my wardrobe, so you'll be seeing that color a lot this year.  Also loving the sleeves and yoke on this blouse.  So adorable.  I love thrifting way to much. *grin*

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I don't know that any fathers read my blog but if you're a father (and even if you're not) Happy Fathers Day! 
I made my daddy cheesecake and fixed one of his favorite dinners for him.  The fact that it was a no bake box mix cheesecake makes no difference - besides, he's the one who brought it home.  Hard to miss a hint like that.  *smile*

Question: What did you do to make your dad's day special?  I want to know!


  1. Hurrah! At last we get to see the Parisian Peach Skirt! This is going to sound weird, but I've been looking forward to seeing you style this skirt since February. Thanks for sharing!

    Love the sleeves on your blouse, too--all the cuteness and femininity of a puff-sleeve, without too much "pouf" going on. ;-)

    Thrifting is the best! --especially with kindred spirits. ;-)

    God bless,

  2. What an amazing outfit that was totally thrifted! Love that peach color as well and it all looks so pretty on you with your hair all fixed up too. Great Summer outfit for just about any occasion!!

  3. I love your outfit!
    I saw in your 101 things list, you wanted to name a dog Happy. Well, guess what? Our dog is named Happy! I saw that I though great minds think alike. :)
    God Bless
    Emma Rose

  4. That skirt is so beautiful Natasha! I love the print and style. I've been enjoying your Sunday Style posts!

  5. It IS a lovely print, and a lovely blouse - I'd snatch it up, too.

    I got stuck ill in my school flat, and there was no special day. :-( If I asked dad what he wanted me to make him, I bet he'd say bramboráky, though! (Potato pancakes, like latkes or the Swiss Rösti - although that seems to be less like a pancake.) I may still make them. :D

  6. That skirt is adorable and the color looks really pretty on you. The hot air balloon necklace is a cute touch!

  7. Really adorable skirt! And I hope yo u had a wonderful father's day!! Come over to my blog and join the Trend Spin linkup...this weeks trend is FLORAL, so your outfit would be perfect. Hope to see you there :)

    The Fashion Canvas

  8. What a terrifically beautiful skirt. The warm, sweet, cheerful colour palette suits the start of summer so very, very well.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Tom - You're welcome:) I'm glad you finally got to see my style it! I will definitely be wearing it often this summer.
    Indeed - couldn't agree more!

    Winnie - Gotta love thrift stores!!

    Emma - Well what do you know?! That is so fun that you have a dog named Happy! :D

    Lauren - I'm so glad you're enjoying the outfit posts!

    Hana-Marmota - Yep, I saw them and said, "You need to come home with me." ;)
    Aww, hope you're all better now! Yum, I've had latkes before and they are sooo good!!

    Sereina - Isn't that necklace too cute?!

    Erin - Thank you for stopping by! I guess I didn't get around to the linkup...oh well:)

    Jessica - Yes, I love these colors for early summer. Thanks for stopping by!


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