June 24, 2013

Hermits United

Remember how a few weeks ago in my "It's awesome" post, I mentioned meeting some of my bloggy friends?

Forgive me if I can't remember everyone's names, but from L-R Kristina, Kellie, Bella, myself, Cinta (sp?), and Annie in the front.  Did I get those all right?
It was my privilege and delight to be able to meet some of the lovely and very adorable DeLallo (should that "L" be capitalized?  It feels like it should be, but I'm not sure...) sisters!  You can find their blogs here, and here, and here.  Their family was on vacation in my area, and we were able to arrange a meeting.  We met at the library where hugs were exchanged and immediate Whovian fangirling ensued.  The Doctor was the primary topic, but we also managed to fit in a few Marvel superhero references, some Sherlock, a bit of Merlin, and a pinch of LoTR.  In retrospect, the library was NOT a good place to meet.  We kept saying, "fingers on lips!" to each other, but it didn't help much. *wink*  While we kept up our non-stop stream of Whovian chatter, we put together puzzles.  It was awesome.  It was...well, basically it was Hermits United.

Thank you ladies for a wonderful two hours!  
If you're ever in the area again, let me know because I can't wait to do it again!

: :

Kellie and I, being wonderfully nerdy. *smile*

Thank you Kellie dear for taking all of the pictures!

Happy Trails, y'all!


  1. Haha, love this post! A little bit of Doctor, a little bit of Captain America? I'll take a dose of that.

    It's fun getting to meet other bloggers! Makes blogs seem more like real people. :)

  2. Hehehe...I have to say it felt strange to see pictures of my sisters on your blog! A little surreal. :P
    It looks like you had such a fun time. *Sigh* Too bad I missed it. Perhaps somewhere in the future, eh?

    God Bless~

  3. Aaaaah, my SISTERS! lol. Good job, though, you got all their names right, and you even spelled our Last Name correctly (yep, capital L and all.) So BOOYA! Good job. :D

    I'm so jealous of your Captain America shirt. I want one so badly. lol. I made a sort of Avengers Tshirt with bleach... maybe I'll post it sometime.

    Anyway. Thanks for the very lovely comment on my last post. It made my smile. :D


  4. How fun! I would love to be able to meet some my internet friends in person someday. All of that nerdy, homeschool-y, awesomeness sounds fantastic. :D

  5. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I. LOVE. THIS. Funny, too, because I was just thinking of popping over to see if you had any posts on Doctor Who party ideas, and this is what I find. Fangirls uniting is such a wonderfully epic thing, and I hope to host one of my own meetings later this year. ;) You look absolutely brilliant, my dear Whovian + I really am loving that top {my friend finally found me a Captain America blouse! YAY!}.

    much love & fish fingers & custard,
    MH, your fellow Anglophile
    {Molly Hooper/Miss Holmes ;)}

  6. I love blogger meetups! That was so much fun. Love it:)

  7. Very fun! How special that your blog friends were close enough for a "go live" visit. Perfect way to enjoy a summer afternoon!!

  8. Kellie - Oh yes, everyone can use a little bit of the Doctor and Captain America!
    YES, I LOVE meeting my bloggy friends in real life! It's fantastic:D

    Amy - Haha! I can imagine!! We did have a lot of fun. I think we all missed you (and Treskie, too:). I hope we'll get to meet someday, too!

    Treskie - Hooray for me and my incredible name spelling skills!! ;D
    Ooh, I'd love to see your Avengers t-shirt!! Please do post it sometime!!!
    You're very welcome! You're comments always make me smile, too:)

    Tayler - It was indeed fantastic! =D

    Grace - Wasn't it just perfect?! Gotta love meeting my bloggy friends - they even better in real life!
    Thank you Miss Holmes for stopping by!

    Lucia - Welcome! Thank you for stopping by:)

    Kellie - I'm so glad you came, too! Way too much fun. We're so nerdy. ;)

    Winnie - It was a perfect summer afternoon:)


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