June 15, 2013

Bunbury // Vlog no. 5

Hey!  On our way to the Farmgirl Glampout, Kellie and I decided a vlog was in order.
No further explanation is necessary...enjoy!

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Question: do you name inanimate objects like cars, laptops, or cameras?  I want to know!


  1. A Bunburying you go! Very cute blog indeed!! The only object I named was my friend Sandy's old car. Her Honda became Rhonda Honda because she had tons of mileage on her and she just kept on keeping on. We used to describe our fun Bunbury outings as rippin and tearin up and down the roads between Gainesville and Atlanta! We were always trying to squeeze maximum fun in a compressed amount of time because we always had to get back to work on Monday morning! We still do that but Rhonda finally had to be traded up to a new rig. Sadly, we never named the new car!

  2. Wow, you remind me a lot of my friend Rita. O.o (That's a compliment, btw.)

    I don't name things...I've tried, but it just never seems to work for me.

  3. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! You two totally need to do LOTS more vlogs!!! I loved it!!!!

    I named my laptop Rose (because it's pink) before DW. Now since it's dying I'm all like, "her name was Rose..."

    Want to name more stuff...need to get into the habit. :)I know that I really want to name my car Alonzo so every time I get in I can be all "Allons-y, Alonzo!" :P

  4. I have named every car I've had (note: only three and one was wrecked. I'm not a millionaire!). My current lovely is Miss Flossie. She is very much a dear friend as I spend a great deal of time in her. Before her was Sadie whose sad demise was no fun to experience. :( And before her was Betsy. Who finally gave up the ghost and I was soooo sad to say good-bye! She was my first car ever and so many great memories happened because of her.

    I've yet to name anything else. But have been contemplating names for my laptop. I decided a while ago it needed one, but haven't been able to narrow down my choices yet. Hmmmm. :D

  5. Hee!

    In general I don't name inanimate objects that don't look like their living counterparts (dolls, stuffed animals, etc.), although I did have a laptop (my previous one) named Konga-modem...which is a long and complicated story. :-P

    My family, now--when they first started the media transfer business, they named all the computers so they could keep track of which job was on what computer. Names like Nellie (for the letters NLE on the casing), Mackie (our first Mac), Leeta (for the brand name "Elite"), etc. Great fun.

    God bless,

  6. We're so cute;)
    And definitely need to make more vlogs together. The possibilities are endless...
    And um, yeah... I probably have more inanimate possessions named than I do live friends. I love naming things:)

  7. Sounds like you had fun :). We name a few random objects occasionally. I named my car DLF (dear little friend) from Prince Caspian and we named our laptop Mr. Bedford. I haven't the faintest idea where we came up with that but it stuck :).

  8. My slow connection at my school flat makes the video hard to watch :-/ So instead I watched part of it, with Mark Knopfler's "Miss You Blues" in the background (that was mostly accidental), which surprisingly fit the mood. :D

    Our old car (which we have not used in years - trains everywhere - and will hopefully be pulled away soon) earned the nickname Green Monster, after a character/plot device in a Czech book. Because it's green, and a bit of a monster.

    And I named my sewing machine Ema.

    Other than that, the naming does not really work for me, either.
    Buuut... I name my patterns. The patterns I make myself, the styles. A very simple pleated skirt - really just a pleated rectangle - is Dana (after my mother, who used to wear a similar pleated skirt - but her name's Daniela :D), I have the Andrea blouse (named after a girl baptised in our church the day I finished it), and the Little Black Dress pattern is Lisbeth (because that's the closest I could come up with for LBD.) Plus I have a Titty-Dot pattern I have not made up yet (named after the two characters from Arthur Ransome's books). I shall have to come up with suitable names for my medieval dress pattern and my Regency patterns (spencer + not yet perfected bodice pattern). Come to think of it, my sister's highly successful knit blouses would deserve a name other than "my sister's knit blouses" as well...

  9. Also, interestingly, locomotive types get nicknames from railway enthusiasts here, and because my father's one and I grew up with it, I'm all like "I went with a Pershing today." (I actually can't recognise that one - that is, I can now, because I checked.) There's also Sergei (a very rare one now, a Russian design), and Banana, and Gorilla (those are now in Slovakia and come with international trains), Camel and Bumblebee. Oh, and Iron - as in the ironing one; it's a different word in Czech. ;-) Others don't translate into English so easily...

    The Czech Railways now give their trains lofty English names, like Regio Panther. It started out with City Elephant, a commuting sort of train; but it's called Ešus anyway (that's what aluminium camping tin pots are called here, and the train is called so because it's made of aluminium and made up of three parts just like the tin). Someone once pulled a joke on the official naming practice and wrote "City Frog" on an old commuting train, which has decidedly frog-like features. It's typical Czech humour...

    Phew, I got carried away with this! It's one of those aspects of living in this country I love, and maybe it will be inspiring to someone else. ;-)

  10. Winnie - What wonderful memories you and your friend made in Rhonda! I loved hearing about "her".

    Victoria - Well, since it's a compliment, I thank you;D

    Ally - I think we will=D
    Haha..."her name was Rose"...LOVE it!! Oh my word, YES!!! You MUST name your car Alonzo!!

    Kara - Naming cars is such fun:) Laptops are good, too.

    Tom - Haha! Love it!!

    Kellie - Yes, we are. :grin:
    And we should!

    Michelle - Yeppers, we did. :) DLF is perfect for you car!

    Hana-Marmota - How fascinating! Thank you so much for sharing about the train names! I certainly found it inspiring:)


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