June 4, 2013

It's awesome.

It's awesome...when you and your bro are walking together on the property, but decide to take different paths, and the dog follows you.  I don't think there's anything better than knowing that your dog loves you more than anyone else on the planet.

It's awesome...when a friend has the word petrichor as their chat status. My Whovian brain almost exploded!! *huge grin reserved for DW moments only*

It's awesome...sitting on a log in the pasture watching my flock of sheep graze.  There is nothing more satisfying or peaceful on this earth.  I always feel closest to God when I'm with my sheep.

It's awesome...when it's gently raining and the sun is still shining.

It's awesome...unexpectedly bumping into a friend at the Post Office.  I love living in a small town. :)

It's awesome...when your dad is playing his bass guitar in his room upstairs, so your bro gets his guitar out and plays along while sitting right outside the open door.  You hear the music, run and get your mandolin, sit at the top of the stairs, and you all have an impromptu jam session.  We're very spontaneous.  And awesome.

It's awesome...pulling/digging thistles in the sheep pasture.  I'm not saying I really enjoy weeding, but I've found it's the perfect opportunity to do some thinking/praying while avoiding people.  People don't generally hang around when there's weeding to be done.  And nothing vents frustration like yanking a stubborn weed out!

It's awesome...sitting around a campfire late at night with friends, just talking and poking the fire with sticks.

It's awesome...when your friend brings 39 glow sticks to game night.  Thirty Nine.  You don't even want to know what we did with them, but it was epic. *grin*

It's awesome...letting go and letting the Lord take control.  Such peace and comfort.

It's awesome...looking forward to {hopefully} meeting some of my bloggy friends this week!  Eeep!!

Question: what awesome things have been happening in your life?  I want to know! 


  1. I do love the word petrichor.(: haha, I call that huge grin the "David Tennant grin." It's a Whovian's grin.(:
    Gotta love those fun, spontaneous moments!
    Spending quiet time with God is also very awesome indeed.

    For me, right now, what's awesome is getting some reading done. Then later, I'm planning on watching DT's Hamlet while sewing or something, which is also by awesome. I've had the movie for ages, but I've never watched all of it...for shame. I'll have to remedy that soon.

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  2. It is awesome that I am able to retire and only have 19 more work days!!! Totally, 100% AWESOME!!

    It is awesome that I have a plane ticket, lodging and rental car PAID FOR to come and visit Idaho in late July!!!! It would even be more awesome if I get to meet you in person like you are doing this week with other blog friends!

    It is awesome that you live on a farm and raise sheep!

  3. I really like this list of It's Awesome things. Your impromptu jam session sounds pretty fun!

    For me? Well, it's awesome discovering Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and watching over 16 in less than two weeks... Um, yeah, I think I really like this show. ;) It's also awesome play Pictionary with the family and homemade chocolate frappaccinos and smoothies without dairy or sugar in them.

  4. Weeding is indeed a good time, paradoxically.

    Petrichor makes me twice happy, because it's Whovian AND Neil Gaiman (at least I suppose it's his when it's from his episode!).

    And just sitting around a campfire... yeah.

    One of those awesome things was participating in a recipe swap and sending Czech recipes to ladies in Australia. Now I'm waiting for it to arrive, and for mine to arrive!

  5. "Petrichor means Crimson..."

    It was so fun to get to meeet!!! thank you for the pins and the talks and just the overall fun time. Tell me when you watch Ten regenerate!!

  6. Vicki - YES! It's the DT grin, alright!! ;D
    Getting some reading done is always awesome.
    *gasp* You've not watched all of DT's Hamlet?? You really should!! But you already know that;)

    Winnie - Hooray!!
    Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to meet you in person!! I don't know what all of your plans are, but maybe you can even come out meet my sheepies! That would definitely be awesome!!

    Sereina - Hehe, TV show marathons are the greatest;) I've not watched Deep Space Nine yet. Will definitely have to! That sounds like a perfectly awesome time with your family!!

    Hana-Marmota - A recipe swap sounds fun, especially and international one!

    Bella - YESSSS!!! Oh my word, way to much fun getting to meet you and your sisters!!! Yes, I will definitely let you know when that horribly wonderful moment happens. *grin*


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