March 4, 2011

Who: my 19-year-old brother and I
What: a discussion on period drama films
When: a few minutes ago
Where: on the sofa in the basement
Why: I have no idea
Alex: "You know the girl who played Jane in the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice?
Me: "ummhmm."
Alex: "And you know that one lady in...oh, what's it know!  The movie with Stallwood and Rick?"
Me: "Stallwood and Rick????? you mean Roger and Osborne Hamley in Wives and Daughters?!"
Alex: "Yeah, that's it!!  Well, anyway, you know the lady that..."
Me: *insert hysterical laughter here*  "Stttaalllwood and *hahahaha* Rick?!?!?!
Alex: "Well, you knew who I meant." *grin*
The sad thing is, I did guess who he was talking about.  He makes up names when he can't think of the real ones.  Apparently, I'm used to it:}
But, Stallwood and Rick?!
The End.
P.S.  Someday I'll have to tell y'all what Alex thinks happened when Mr. Darcy finally found Mr. Wickham and Lydia in London.  They don't show that part in any of the movies, so he's made up his own story.   It is highly amusing and involves a fistfight in which Mr. Wickham is ejected through a (shut) window into the street.  It gets better from there...but I'll spare you the rest;)

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