March 10, 2011


I've been tagged by beast'sbelle at Never Grow Up!
How delightful!
I love tags:)
So, I'm supposed to list seven random things about myself...
  1. My toes are really long and weird.
  2. I haven't cut my hair in three years and it's now about waist length. (I do trim the split ends, though:)
  3. I was seriously considering cutting it off really short this morning after watching Roman Holiday with my mom...but I didn't.  I might this summer, though.  Please talk me out of it.
  4. I share my middle name, Marie, with my Grandma Barb, my Aunt Liz and my cousin Abbie.
  5. All the dogs I've owned (that would be 3) have been brindle boxers with white markings.
  6. When I was a little girl living in Southern CA, I used to look at the pictures in my horse breeds book, and then cry because I wanted a horse so much and thought I'd never have one.  Thank you, Lord, for willing otherwise and giving me Bob.  I do not deserve him.
  7. I loved being 7-years-old because 7 is the number of completion in the Bible.  It made me feel very special:)
Okay, now...whom shall I tag?  *evil glint*
I'll make this easy - if you follow me and you're willing consider yourself tagged:)
Happy Trails and Goodnight!

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