March 10, 2011

Wallpaper Wednesday - LOTR

Hello, hello, hello!!!
Tis I, the blog authoress.
I'm honestly not sure who else would be posting on here, but anywho...
It's me:)
And I'm so happy to see you all on this beautiful, dark, wet, slushy, icy Wednesday evening!
Only I guess I'm not really seeing you, now am I?  Ah, no.
Well, on to important stuff, like this week's wallpaper!
This evening I am posting all of the LOTR wallpapers that I have designed since last Wednesday. 
I'll probably do one last LOTR Wallpaper Wednesday next week, and then it will be back to our regularly schedule program.
See, I told you my "obsession" wouldn't last forever:)
First, we have...Strider!
{full size image located on the Graphic Design page}
Ok, just gotta say here - I love the Strider side of Aragorn's character.  He's got a hooded cape, a long stemmed pipe, and fingerless gloves, not to mention a big sword.  Definitely cool.  Aragorn in Bree is pretty much awesome.
And he's even more awesome in the books!  I'm about half way through The Return of the King right now and Sir Percy may have a formidable rival to challenge him as my top literary hero;) 
Next, we have...Arwen!
{full size image located on the Graphic Design page}
I LOVE Arwen's red and black dress.  I can't wait to see the other movies if only to look at her costumes and then die happy.  I'm pretty much a costume freak:)
And now...Aragorn!
{full size image located on, guess where?  The Graphic Design page!}
Ok, one more thing I just gotta say - when I found out that Viggo Mortensen did all of his own horseback riding and stunts in the movies, I pretty much fainted.  I'm always impressed when an actor or actress does their own riding.  Of course, I haven't seen him ride yet 'cause I've only seen the first movie so far, but I am eagerly awaiting that pleasure I assure you!
Oh, and he actually bought the horse that he used in the movie.  That is totally awesome!!
BTW, don't worry about me - the guy is already married and old enough to be my father, so I'm really okay here:)
And last, but not least...Arwen!  Again;)
{full size image located on the Moon}
Did I mention that I love Arwen's costumes?!  Because I want her gray-ish purple cloak.  I. Love. It.
Oh, and I was terribly disappointed when I found out that Liv Tyler (Arwen) did not do her own riding.  No, she had a stunt double, and Liv rode a fake "horse" on the back of a truck for all of the fast scenes.  I was seriously disappointed.  But I'm over it now.
Happy Trails, y'all!
P.S. All pictures used in these wallpapers were found at The Council of Elrond, a very cool LOTR site.

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