March 22, 2011

Mint Chocolate Chip

My recently completed peasant style blouse/tunic top, graciously modeled for y'all by Betty the dress form;)
I used Simplicity 3750, but made a few "improvements", of course.  
  • I didn't want a big sash around the whole top, so I made simple ties instead. 
  • I also made my own cuffs because I didn't like the buttoned ones they had - ok, so I'm lazy and didn't want to make button holes;)  They ended up a bit tight (I always do that!), so I need to rework them at some point...
  • And I added elastic to the back neckline - it gaped open and looked really weird without it.
  • Oh, and I raised the neckline by 2" and seriously shortened the front neckline elastic - uh, talk about not being able to bend over otherwise;)
On the whole, I love this blouse!  It'll probably be worn out by the end of summer;)

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