March 3, 2011

Wallpaper Wednesday - Arwen

I just realized a few minutes ago that I hadn't posted today's wallpaper:}
Today I'm straying away from the silver screen, just for a wee bit.
But not too far away.  That is, they're still movie inspired.
The thing is, you can't force creativity or inspiration - I can only design what I've been inspired to design.
I've been reading and watching The Lord of the Rings lately, as you probably already know, so naturally I've been inspired by that lately.
Are you starting to get an idea of where this post is headed? ;)
Ahem, drum roll please...
The first in a series of Lord of the Rings inspired wallpapers...Arwen!
{full size image located on the Graphic Design page}
I'm so happy that they gave Arwen a bigger role in the movie than in the book!  I think she's pretty neat, and I LOVE her hair.  Yet another movie I should watch when I'm considering cutting my hair short.  That makes Little Women (1994), Fiddler on the Roof, and Lord of the Rings...okay, rabbit trailing there.  Sorry;)
 - Now, a note to those of my readers who do not read fantasy books -
I would imagine that at this point you might be slightly alarmed at the frequent mention of both Narnia and the Lord of the Rings on my blog lately.  However, there is no need for alarm, because there is no danger of either one taking over my blog.  It's only natural, having just discovered LOTR, that I'll become excited and want to share my excitement with others.  I become slightly obsessed with every new thing I discover, which means that most of my obsessions last for no longer than a week or so (as illustrated by my week long obsession with POTO;).  The longest I've ever been obsessed with something, was when I was crazy about Roy Rogers for about a year.  I don't think I watched anything but Roy's movies for that time period;)
Why am I telling you all this?  Because, although this is my blog and theoretically I can post whatever I want, I want to be sensitive to my readers, especially those who are my in real life friends.  Therefore, please bear with me as I go through the LOTR stage, and try to forgive my excitement.  It will not last forever.
Thanks for reading:)
Oh, and just to give you a heads-up: I'll probably be talking non-stop about Narnia next month.  Why?  Because the latest Narnia movie, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is being released on DVD and Blu-ray on April 8th!!!  Because of my mom's health we weren't able to go to the theatre to see it (snap!), so I still haven't seen it.  BUT, my dad has pre-ordered it from Amazon, so we'll finally get to see it in April!  Squeal!!!!
So, you're warned;)
Carry on!
Happy Trails, y'all!

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