February 20, 2011

Keeping it Classy {Day 7}

I'm so glad I participated in Keeping it Classy {Modest Fashion Week} at Bramblewood Fashion!  It's been such fun!:)
Today, Bonnie joined me for the photoshoot:)  Normally she'd be running around off-leash, but I'm keeping her on leash because of her knee problem.  She was certainly happy to be outside!
Today was a stay at home day, so I didn't get dressed up at all...
~My Outfit~
Hat - denim - sewn by me and pattern designed by me.  I'm experimenting with designing a pattern for a newsboy style cap, and this was my first attempt.  Kind of a cross between a tam and a cap;)  Cute, but not quite what I want...back to the ol' drawing board!  I'll probably post pictures of the finished project at some point, so stay tuned:)
Sweater - purple/pink with green, blue and white design - Goodwill (Tiara brand)
Jumper - same denim jumper I wore on Day 3
Blouse - white peter pan collar - Walmart
Boots - umm, I don't remember what brand or where I got them...=)
Jacket (pictured below) - no idea where it came from, and it's actually my mom's.  We "steal" clothes from each other a lot;)
Happy Trails!

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