February 18, 2011

Keeping it Classy {Day 5}

Hello, people! :)
Well, today was a very fun day full of good friends, a good movie (the original The Day the Earth Stood Still;), a walk in the snow, a short snow skirmish, and singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat in rounds in harmony.
Yup, lots of fun:)
Anyway, since we're both participating in Bramblewood Fashion's Keeping it Classy Modest Fashion Week, Kellie and I decided that we should take today's picture together...
Ellen (Kellie's sister), me, and Kellie - and Ellen finally passed me up:'(  Oh well, I knew it wouldn't be long...
Without meaning to (except for Ellen and Kellie, of course;), we all wore Fair Isle type sweaters and vests.  If you know Kellie and I, then you know that we pretty much share a brain, and often end up wearing similar outfits, or even the same outfits, on the same day.  We're used to it now:)
~My Outfit~
Shoes, or in this case, Socks - pink/green/cream - a present from my beloved cousin.  She bought them at...Beeelllk (Belk).  Sorry, inside joke;) 
Skirt - denim half circle skirt - made by me.
Petticoat/Slip - flannel half circle skirt with hand crocheted trim - made by me - adds some extra warmth to any skirt!
Shirt - teal v-neck - Goodwill
Vest - teal, pink and brown fair isle scoop neck - Maurice's...I think.
Happy Trails!

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