February 6, 2011

Open Arms Benefit Concert

Friday night's Open Arms Benefit Concert was phenomenal.   Period.
All of the bands sounded absolutely fantastic, and I felt so incredibly blessed to be there, to be just a small part of it all, and so proud (in a good way:) of Alex and my other "brothers". 
And, I didn't get a headache!  Woohoo!!!!! Listening to loud music for several hours without a break usually gives me a headache, so I was really happy about that!=D
Furthermore, to crown it all, I got to hold an absolutely beautiful baby girl!
I have to tell you all, that it was an answered prayer.  I knew that Molly (one of the Panhandle Polecats) had had a new baby, and I wanted to hold her so bad.  I love babies, but rarely get an opportunity to hold one.  So, I prayed that I would get to hold her. 
Darling, almost 2 months old, baby Ruth:)
My family and I were sitting and watching the Polecats getting ready for their sound check before the performance.  Molly was late, and when she got there, the rest of her siblings (the Polecats) told her to "hand the baby to someone!"  Well, I happened to be that someone:) 
No, it wasn't chance - it was providence.  You see, normally Molly's parents would have held the baby for her, but they weren't there yet.  It was a special gift from the Lord for me, and the best part of the evening.  I just had to share that story with y'all:)
Okay, on to the music...
Hat Band sound check
The North Idaho Hat Band goes "cool", as they whip out their ultra cool sunglasses for Minor Swing;)
The Panhandle Polecats - btw, I am excessively sorry that all of these pictures are so blurry.  It was a combination of my unsteady hand and the lighting.  My apologies...
The Riders of the Rockin' B Ranch - Mr. and Mrs. Brownlee brought their whole cowboy supper show (minus the supper;) and put on an outstanding performance!
Their rousing rendition of The William Tell Overture, aka the Lone Ranger theme song, complete with pistol shot!  That got quite a reaction, let me tell you=)  No worries - it was a blank, or so we assume as no ceiling plaster fell down;D
And that's all folks!
Happy trails!

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